The 7 Benefits of Using A Predictive Hiring ATS Over A Rudimentary ATS

Posted by Carolyne Burns | June - 25 - 2020 | 0 Comment

Are you another recruiter or HR professional working from home? How will this change how you hire?

HR professionals satisfy their digital transformation objectives for recruitment using predictive hiring technology
Recruitment transformation objectives achieved with PHT integrated systems

In the world of recruitment today, companies that utilise the latest generation of Predictive Hiring Technology (PHT) integrated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), will be able to hire the best suited candidates, attracting and identifying them quicker than in the past. Those that fail to adapt to emerging predictive technologies and tools will fall behind in achieving their digital transformation objectives.

A company requires efficient and insightful processes for their recruitment strategy to be able to save time and focus on what is important, such as engaging with the best talents – fast!

But with a rudimentary ATS there is one fatal drawback, the recruitment guesswork on who to focus on to hire still remains.

The majority of ATS systems automate the collection of CVs only and still leave recruiters facing a daunting mountain of resumes to read. 

It’s all very well to automate CV collection, that amplifies the problem.

With the latest in predictive hiring technology seamlessly integrated in one platform the decision making on who to hire has become smarter and less burdensome for the recruiter. Recruitment decisions are more rapid because all information gathered from a job application is available in a digital format in a single view. 

Today’s fully-featured predictive technology systems help the recruiter or HR professional to not only streamline all their processes, they also help them quickly gain greater insights into the candidates and the best hires. 

“…It’s the mix of machine intelligence and human intelligence that will lead to better decisions.” 

Stefan Mohr is Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group
Source: Qantas Magazine Business + Technology – Special Report June 2020

When integrated with an ATS, predictive hiring technology goes beyond resolving the biggest pain points with regard to hiring and improving the whole recruitment process. Below we present some of the advantages of using an ATS that is seamlessly integrated with predictive hiring technology and demonstrate how it assists with achieving competitive advantages in any talent acquisition efforts.

7 Benefits of Predictive Hiring Technology Integrated Applicant Tracking Systems.

7 Benefits of Predictive Hiring Technology integrated Applicant Tracking Systems

1. Time spent on administrative tasks are significantly reduced

Predictive hiring software enables the recruiter and HR professional to make better use of their time. 

Utilising this predictive technology for recruitment is like having your very own HR intern and letting them do all the grunt work of recruiting for you as it speeds up all the recruitment processes. 

High-traffic job board postings Indeed, LinkedIn, Jora, Google Jobs all easily done with a click of a button
High-traffic job board posting is streamlined

Gone is the need to post your job listings manually on each job board website.  Use the functionality that enables the user to post to multiple job boards with just a few clicks. The Expr3ss! predictive hiring platform allows for posting up to 17 high-traffic job boards, greatly expanding exposure of any recruitment campaign. 

Stop wasting time on the grunt work and leave time for more essential tasks like succession planning, staff development and creating a great company culture.

2. CV screening can be performed better and faster

It is common knowledge that the task of manually screening every job application is overwhelming for a recruiter, an average job listing can receive hundreds of applicant CVs. Now, because of COVID-19, there are even more applications for fewer jobs.  If one has to pick only a handful of candidates from reading CVs for an interview the time taken to pick them can be excessive.

A PHT integrated ATS streamlines the initial screening stage for all applying and should only take minutes of the candidate’s time too, not hours. 

Using predictive technology ensures there is less reliance on resume reading because the algorithms help to identify candidates similar to those exemplar staff already in the role and that work well in the team and company culture too.  This aids the decision-making process of the person doing the hiring and helps ensure that candidates which are progressed will more likely work well in that role, have the right temperament for it and they will love and flourish in it too. 

By focusing on those applicants that look right, according to existing exemplar staff, the recruiter saves considerable time.   

3. Enables Collaborative Efforts

Applicant Tracking Systems seamlessly integrated with Predictive Hiring Software have a number of highly useful built-in features that enable a number of people to work together on the hiring task. HR personnel, along with Management, can share notes and ideas on any applicant and share in the joint decision-making process asynchronously, this allows every team member to provide their input in a timely manner.

4. Employ Higher Quality Candidates

The quality of the applicants selected is higher using Predictive Hiring Technology.  Time is saved from the start with the initial identification of those applicants the technology then quickly matches to any benchmark applied.  This enables recruiters to focus their time and hiring decisions on the best prospective applicants from the candidate pool and fast.

It is all very well to automate CV collection, that amplifies the problem… Expr3ss! is the only product that automates selection … that is actually the hard part.

Dr Glyn Brokensha BSc ( Hons 1 ), MB, ChB
Expr3ss! Chairman
Sky News “Disrupters” Interview on Business IQ with Carrington Clark

Administrative tasks such as progress and follow up emails are automated and can be scheduled too, this frees up time to gather extra information on candidates permitting more thorough assessments to be undertaken and therefore a better final decision made on who to hire.

5. Shortens the Recruitment Cycle

All of the applicant’s information is in one place and organised in one platform, this enables recruiters to quickly access the current status of hiring stages of an applicant. Communication can be scheduled according to those stages too, freeing up more time and allowing recruiters to attend to necessary follow up tasks and advance applicants along to the next steps faster.

A more efficient workflow is created for HR personnel when a system is integrated with predictive hiring.

Recruiters can tap into their pre-qualified Talent Pool too, reaching out to suitable applicants with all the communication tools available and without the need to advertise for roles.

6. Benefit the Company Brand

Adding additional content to Job Advertisements improves brand and role awareness for candidates
Add additional content to your job ads

Employer branding is strengthened by a seamless and efficient recruitment process. More prospective employees will be exposed to your company brand. 

Be open and transparent by ensuring your ads show off your company.  Every job ad should highlight along with videos, photos, job descriptions on application pages which will make positive first impressions upon the talent pool.

7. Improve Applicant Experience

As well as creating a better hiring process for recruiters these seamless systems provide improved candidate applicant experience. Applying only needs to take minutes for an applicant, not hours.  This is an important thing for applicants who are also time poor and often facing application fatigue as other processes take up too much of their time.  Many applicants are customers or potential customers too and so a good application experience is important.

An ATS with Predictive Hiring Technology seamlessly integrated is the latest generation of ATS, this AI and algorithm software utlises psychometric assessments to gain greater insights about applicants more likely to stay in the job role into the long term and fit in with their peers from day one. Implementing this type of technology now for hiring should form part of your digital transformation strategy. 

Expr3ss! clients typically report significant reductions in staff turnover, in the range of 200-300%, this equates to employees being a much better fit for the positions secured with their predictive analysis.  With an average of 4,075 applications every single day, over 1.6 million applicants have evaluated their Expr3ss! experience at 9 out of 10 or better when evaluating the process and their comfort with it.

Expr3ss! predictive hiring application process rate their experience 9 out of 10

There is no doubt that seamlessly integrated predictive hiring software is a step-up for any hiring team, it leverages digital-era technology and aids the human decision making for more time efficient recruitment and better hires.