Disruptor featured on TV and in the quality press

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha | September - 19 - 2014 | 2 Comments

singExpr3ssPraisesIn our very first article on Expr3ssion! we promised to write items of real interest… hopefully you, dear reader, agree.

We also promised not to promote Expr3ss! … at least not too shamelessly … but we are human and we just can’t resist this week… it was a good one… so forgive us singing our own praises!  Expr3ss! the disruptor featured on TV and in the quality press.

We featured on “Sky Business News Technology Behind Business” this week as a “true disruptor”.  A business that truly disrupts also dis-intermediates meaning that it doesn’t just remove friction, it removes one or more layers making the process more direct and effective.  Disruptive algorithms are reducing the costs of doing business in every industry and Expr3ss! brings that power to recruitment and staff selection.

Here’s the interview with Nadine Blayney …

… and a previous interview on Sky TV Business with Nigel Freitas featuring Nick Scali Furniture  is here.

Rachel Kennet & Hannah Mahar from Beach Energy


But wait!… there’s more!  One of our wonderful newer customers [Beach Energy] was featured in The Australian IT  Section, where Rachel Kennett and Hannah Mahar were kind enough to say some nice things about how the Expr3ss! Staff Selection Software System has improved their lives and work.

You’ll find that piece by Jennifer Foreshaw here


Carolyne Burns talks with Anne Fulwood in the AFR

And in case any of you missed the absolutely fantastic and awesome article by Anne Fulwood in the Australian Financial Review about Carolyne Burns and the Expr3ss! story… …you’ll find it here

… did I mention it was awesome?

Shameless self promotion?… or pardonable enthusiasm at the end of a great week for us?  You decide!

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  1. Dan McCartney says:

    Express is fantastic – you deserve all the credit you receive. 🙂

    • Hi Dan

      Many thanks for those kind words. We love our not-for-profit customers. It makes us happy to be of support to an organisation creating opportunities as Community Living Options does.

      Best regards – Glyn