Take talent : what does success look like?

Posted by Carolyne Burns | June - 6 - 2017 | 0 Comment

High-value jobsIf you already know what success looks like in a specific job based on the characteristics, behaviours and attitudes of people who’ve done well in it, why not use that to inform your next recruitment for that very same job? It’s all data and information that you already have within your Expr3ss! service anyway, so why not put it to good use?

The idea is not to hire carbon copies of the people already successful in role but to help you provide a more diversified shortlist for the job. By using an applicant’s rating within Expr3ss! to pinpoint applicants already aligned to successful behaviours and cultural fit, you are more likely to hire a person you’d may not have considered based on their CV alone. Every day I hear great success stories from customers on this exact thing.

Expr3ss! Expert Benchmarks help pinpoint applicants to focus on

Inside HR recently reported how Krispy Kreme has sped time-to-hire and halved its staff turnover by doing just this. http://bit.ly/2opHnaw  Simply using their Expr3ss! Expert Benchmarks it is easier to pinpoint the applicants to focus on. 

In an increasingly competitive recruitment and talent landscape, it’s our job to ensure your Talent Pool is in the best possible shape. And here are some of the reasons why. 

  1. Time savings: By having pre-screened candidates in your Talent Pool – employers can save vast amounts of time sifting through resumes at the eleventh hour to fill a role
  2. Diversity: It affords you the greatest opportunity to build a truly diverse workforce by using a pool of talent which you have identified already fits your culture
  3. Retention: ‘Expressions of Interest’ roles often attract people who really want to work for you, rather than those coming to you out of necessity. This can have a huge and positive impact on your retention rates, and in turn, the reputation of your company.
  4. Smarter decision making: Often applicant data is shared by platforms you use to advertise with others. By advertising and displaying your roles in “Apply” and  “Interest” status on your own advertising channels and captured within Expr3ss!, all the applicant data is yours to keep and use.
  5. Cost savings: By building and harvesting your own Talent Pool before spending on costly ads.

Expr3ss!’s last four recruits came as a result of people registering interest to work for us.

By using your own pre-qualified Talent Pool within Expr3ss! you should be well resourced in capturing further growth and success for your business.