More red tape means more reports. Without systems and process… reporting can be a real headache.

Posted by Andy Lester | March - 7 - 2014 | 4 Comments


Do you remember a time when the boss asked you for a report and your heart sank?

You knew you had the information but to collate it, total it and display it in any meaningful way was going to take you hours.

If this is still the case you need to look at 3 key factors.


1. How do you collect the information now?

2. How do you check it’s valid and correct?

3. How do you need to display it?

If you are not collecting correct and valid information then it will take you many hours first to check and then to organise it into a meaningful report.

And remember that in today’s business environment it is not only the boss that needs the reports last thing on a Friday…

In general the Government is pushing the burden of administration onto businesses.  For example with the introduction of GST in 2000 they introduced the Business Activity Statement (BAS).

More recently, the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 ( requires yet another report.

Whilst gathering information about gender and age is very important in the work place gender equity debate, even the Government now admits it’s adding to the burden.

Winding back the age and gender reporting requirements and lifting the threshold to businesses with 1,000 or more staff is expected to save $1 billion in red tape costs.  [1]

But that only removes the threat to businesses today.  Who knows where the threshold will be tomorrow… 500, 100, 10?

Whether it is your sales report, BAS or the WGEA Report, reporting requirements never cease.  So regardless of which report it is…  do you have a process that makes it easy?

Regular readers will know that this is a forum for sharing knowledge and not merely an Expr3ss! promo.  Obviously we do like to discuss an issue and come up with an Expr3ss! solution…  it is our blog after all!!… and comments are always welcome.

Remember the 3 points at the beginning? come on it’s not that long a blog!  Expr3ss! provides process and rigour around all your staff selection data (check out the BRW article here for more).

Amongst the many questions you can get answered up-front (desired salary, work track record, education, address etc), applicants optionally provide their age bracket and gender when completing the Expr3ss! Checklist.  This is best-practice as it helps us report more accurately using closely-matched norms.

And, as with the Government and BAS, the burden of data collection is divided amongst the applicants.  The benefit is that the applicant gets an opportunity for an exciting new career with you, whereas with the BAS you get the opportunity to pay a big bill!!


So age and gender data is there for you automatically in Expr3ss!  Only three mouse clicks pulls a report, easily exported in a flash… think pie chart, bar graph, spider plot… whatever takes your fancy.

Beyond age and gender, other key metrics like time to hire, time-to-email, time-to-reject, time-to-fill and much more also are all at your fingertips, in a flash.

So when the boss asks for that report at 4pm on a Friday you can have it in their in box by 4:01pm…


Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to contact me should you wish to learn more.. just not about your BAS!!



[1]  AFR 24 Feb 2014


4 Responses so far...

  1. Karen says:

    Brilliant, you guys make it so streamlined. I imagine you able to run length of employment reports by gender and age from your system as well?

    • Thanks for the compliments, Karen, they are always much appreciated 🙂

      For those of you who don’t already know, Karen is the author of a great new book about of real-life HR experiences entitled “Sweet and Unsavoury”… great title, hey? Discover more at

      And, yes, anything our customers can record can be reported on… it’s a breeze!

  2. Dee Sweet says:

    Great read Andy
    I was slightly overwhelmed while preparing for the upcoming reporting, but it helps knowing that with a few clicks, i can get what i need!
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Dee says:

    Expr3ss… You’ve done it again!
    I’ve just been able to generate a report, which accurately helps me answer part of the WGEA Report!
    It was just so easy!
    Thank you!!!