Smart Predictive Tech meets talent demand for Aged Care

Posted by Andrew Chapman | November - 20 - 2020 | 0 Comment

The Healthcare and Education industries in Australia are experiencing a high demand for talent. How is technology assisting organisations in these industries with their difficult to fill roles?

Predictive Hiring Aged Care
Smart Predictive Tech meets talent demand for Aged Care

Speculation about the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on life and business both in Australia and around the world is still rampant. It does look bad.

There have been many heartbreaking stories, people lost and businesses that have not and may not survive. These have been the most challenging of times.

But please do not despair. We are reminded of what happened when we lived through the Great Financial Crisis and the ensuing European Debt Crisis. Recovery followed each of these and we noticed that solid, well-founded business customers of Expr3ss! used the worst times to their advantage.

Through change comes opportunity

They were able to connect with talented people who suddenly found themselves without a job. Talented people who previously were inaccessible as they were in settled employment.

Talent pools were filled, hires were completed and businesses prospered when better times returned.

Coming out the other side of COVID-19 with an increase in your human capital might be an opportunity realised.

While some industries suffer, others prosper

Throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic, two major industries here in Australia which are experiencing a high-demand for talent are Healthcare & Medical and the Education & Training industries. 

However not all companies within these industries with difficult to fill roles are suffering. Avivo, SACARE, Royal Freemasons, Medical and Aged Care Group, McClean Care, Trinity College and PEER strategically use predictive hiring technology to simplify their staff selection and find those applicants ideal to their cultural fit.

Avivo, a leading Not-For-Profit home care services provider for almost 50 years, works with people in their homes and communities in disability, ageing and mental health.

“Expr3ss! offers Avivo the ability to recruit exceptional Support Workers by using flexible and intuitive recruitment software, shortlisting tools, an easily accessed talent database and most of all friendly advice and guidance. We love Expr3ss! because they support us to recruit the best support for our customers to live their best lives,” 

Erin Gray, HR Operations Manager, Avivo

A pre-qualified Talent Pool saves time and money

Access to their own unique pre-qualified Talent Pool of applicants, people actively interested in working for Avivo, ensures a saving in job advertising costs, a significant decrease in time-to-hire and an overall reduction in staff turnover.

 “…an easily accessed talent database and most of all friendly advice and guidance. ” 

Erin Gray, HR Operations Manager, Avivo

Technology supports efficiency

Australian Human Resource professionals are more forward thinking than most when it comes to adopting clever technology … 96% of these professionals embrace technology and AI readily.  Applicants, too, talk about the benefits of the Expr3ss! application process with 96% reporting higher than average scores for ease, simplicity, speed and comfort with the process… 20% providing a perfect score. 

Wherever there is change and whenever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity… and those industries which embrace technology to assist them in finding those opportunities are poised to prosper as a result of these most uncertain of times.