Employers get hooked on applicant numbers, why?

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Jan 2024
Quality applicants over quantity of applicants

Surely, better staff retention is key? Quality is far more important than quantity when it comes to sifting through a vast pile of job applications in search of the perfect hire. Yet, employers foolishly get hooked on the notion that high applicant numbers to their job ads is vital. Surely, better staff retention is key? When looking to fill a role, many employers seem to suffer from a form of FOMO – “fear of missing out” on the one perfect person for the job. They assume that the more applications they review, the better the chances of finding that one…  Read More

Harvest your own Talent Pool

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
13 Jul 2022

Talent Pooling is the process of creating your very own database of potential applicants who are qualified and have previously applied for your roles or expressed interest in working for your business

How to nail onboarding remotely – 6 Tips that Work

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
22 Jul 2021
Working From Home

The onboarding phase of an employee’s journey is extremely important. After spending time, money and energy finding the right candidate for the role, the onboarding process is a major contributor to ensuring that the new hire actually sticks around. Research shows that 59% of Australian managers have had a new hire resign during their probation period due to a poor onboarding experience, with 43% leaving the company within the first month! These statistics highlight the need to spend time with new recruits in order to get them settled in and engaged within the organisation but, how can this be achieved…  Read More

How to research recruitment systems to ensure you get everything that is important

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
20 Apr 2021

Is your current recruitment system doing the most for your staffing and business goals? We’ve heard it all before; strategic hiring is all about ensuring that we have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time… but what is the best way to achieve this? With an abundance of recruitment solutions now available on the market, how do we ensure that the systems we put in place provide us with the most effective outcomes? Recruitment is not a “one size fits all” process. Every business has their own unique circumstances to consider when…  Read More

Top 7 factors a HR Professional needs to consider when recruiting new staff

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
13 Apr 2021

Hiring decisions are one of the most important tasks for HR professionals. Businesses that are successful in these decisions are able to reap the benefits of attracting high quality applicants who are not only technically skilled for the role, but also possess qualities that make them a good fit for the work environment. This alignment can lead to increased productivity, profitability and employee satisfaction. However, making a bad hiring decision can cost time, money and the company’s reputation. Here are 7 factors that need to be considered when recruiting to avoid bad hiring decisions: 1. Up-to-date job analysis Prior to…  Read More

Why your initial application process should NOT ask applicants for numerous documents

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
19 Mar 2021

When preparing your job advertisement and application process, it may seem intuitive to ensure it is as comprehensive as possible in order to avoid time-wasters and select the most suitable candidates for the role. However, an application process that is too comprehensive may actually do more harm than good. If your initial application process is asking applicants for their whole life story straight off the bat, not only do you risk scaring off high quality applicants, but you could also unintentionally put your business at risk of breaching anti-discrimination and/or privacy laws. Keep reading to find out why asking applicants…  Read More

How to Reduce Recruitment Costs – 5 Proven Strategies

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
18 Dec 2020
Reduce Recruitment Costs

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have made significant adjustments to their usual operations, one of those changes has been to reduce costs in a number of areas including recruitment. A number of companies have cut recruitment costs drastically, while some others would have ceased recruiting altogether. Many Expr3ss! clients dusted off and put into action the recruitment strategies they used to survive the GFC so that they were in great shape for 2021. In light of times with such restricted budgets for recruitment, it is sensible for companies to turn to the more cost-effective techniques to action recruiting…  Read More

What is workplace culture and why should you take it seriously?

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
11 Dec 2020

Workplace culture can be defined as a combination of shared beliefs, values, attitudes and behaviours that shape the way an organisation and its employees function. Every single business has a culture, however, the main factor that sets successful companies apart from the rest is that they have actively nurtured and cultivated a strong culture within their firms. A strong culture begins with leadership clearly outlining their expectations, values and goals of the business, and then actively communicating these aspects to both current and prospective employees. This creates an environment where everyone understands what is expected of them, and behave accordingly….  Read More

HR Trends. What’s changed, what stays, where to now?

Posted by Carolyne Burns
17 Sep 2020
Hiring Trends during COVID-19

As Australia slowly awakens from this moment. What are the implications for HR, now and into the future? The world is enduring a cataclysmic event that has changed society forever. As Australia slowly awakens from this moment. What are the implications for HR, now and into the future? We think that the changes we will face can be grouped into two piles: how we work and what we do – with implications for both employers and employees. Here are the big issues: How we work will change Flexibility is key The workplace was already changing, the pandemic has accelerated those…  Read More

Two Call Centre Recruitment Techniques To Reduce Costly Turnover

Posted by Carolyne Burns
8 Sep 2020
Call Centre Recruitment

Hiring staff is expensive in terms of recruiting time. How to set transparent expectations early? The call centre industry is transforming. They have traditionally been hubs to receive and answer customer phone calls, today they have to be an “omni channel” centre communicating over a variety of communication channels. Despite this need to evolve with technology, call centre recruitment still encounters the same major issue as in the past. High employee turnover The biggest challenge to employment in the industry is high employee turnover with attrition rates of 20-35%. This is especially pronounced for entry-level representatives. Hiring staff is expensive…  Read More