Why Franchise Businesses Need Recruitment Software

Posted by Carolyne Burns | August - 25 - 2020 | 0 Comment

Franchisees are not professional recruiters, yet are often expected to do the work of one.

Franchise Recruitment using Predictive Hiring

The franchise industry is fast-paced and competitive, according to the 2016 Franchising Australia survey, there are approximately 79,000 franchise units in Australia.   As more franchise businesses enter the market, competition to draw in the best candidates can be intense as franchises vie for the same talent pool.

On top of this competitive environment, franchisees are not professional recruiters, so the time and financial cost of turnover can be high if they are not up to date with the most effective recruitment techniques.

Below we list two important reasons why recruitment software is a must have for any franchise recruiting campaign.

Recruitment Software Saves Time

Franchisors want their franchisees to be successful in growing their businesses. They look to provide their franchisees with the tools to help them do just that.

Franchisees are often having to undertake recruitment drives because of the part time and casual nature of the roles they recruit for. This is a time-consuming process for any franchisee. This time could be better spent on on developing their business.  

Recruitment software can bypass lengthy sessions of resume reading. Applicants would be required to enter their skills, experience, and qualifications into online forms which can then used by recruitment software to easily present those who meet minimum criteria.

The innovative franchisors are sourcing such software to help support their franchisees recruitment efforts, speed-time-to hire and remove the guesswork on which applicant will work best in role.

Quickly Profile & Locate Ideal Applicants

A franchisee is much akin to the coach or owner of a professional sports team. They are seeking the best possible talent lineup for their team. In order to accomplish that, it is a powerful first step to build up a profile of an ideal employee.

A recruiter should map out not just the desired experience, skills and qualifications of the ideal staff but also the right attitude needed for the job, an applicant who meets that criteria will perform better and last longer in the role.  

Any franchisee would want to employ someone with the right qualifications and experience for similar positions, who also displays a customer service mindset and desire for productivity, things that can’t be accurately deciphered in a resume or at interview.

Expr3ss! is recruitment software that automatically has job role data templates and benchmarks of ideal candidates loaded onto their system.  During the application process candidates simply answer a simple survey of questions, it then matches the data from those questions against the data of ideal workers to quickly make a shortlist of those applicants with much needed personality and temperament traits. 

Employers continue to hire on skills, badly and fire on attitudes which is costly. Workers with the right temperament for the role will be productive faster and stay in the job for longer cutting down costly turnover of staff. 

This predictive hiring technology used in volume recruiting for franchisees also removes the usual cognitive bias in the hiring process by allowing artificial intelligence to analyse data without the preconceived biases that humans inevitably bring.

A franchisee is usually not an experienced recruiter and not trained in conducting effective interviews nor choosing the best applicant to focus on when under time pressure. This technology significantly reduces all the recruitment effort as well as the room for error of who best to hire.

There is good reason why 80% of Fortune 500 companies in the US, and 75% of the Times Top 100 companies in the UK use psychometric assessment tests for recruiting. This software isn’t just for large companies, it is also a much needed and relied upon tool for many franchise companies and small to medium sized businesses.