Expr3ss! Saves Money & Morale with Predictive Hiring Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns | September - 21 - 2016 | 0 Comment

HR professional recruiter saves money with predictive hiring technology

“I wished I’d never hired that person!” This is a common complaint we hear from business owners who settle for second best because they don’t want to get caught up in the seemingly endless cycle of résumés, phone calls, and interviews, not to mention the endless flow of money into recruitment adverts and employee training.



Choose Wisely or Pay the Price

The Expr3ss! team has reported to you previously on the high price tag of bad staffing practices. We’ve uncovered even more essential bottom line intel: a Harvard study contends that never hiring a toxic worker or getting rid of one is more important to a company’s bottom line than hiring a superstar worker. Here’s why:

  • A bad hire will cost you two and a half times the employee’s salary, a figure that goes up even more for high level positions. (Australia Business Review).
  • A CareerBuilder survey revealed that a bad hire had cost 41% of businesses more than $25,000. In fact, this increased to at least $50,000 for 25% of the organisations surveyed.

There are also hard-to-quantify costs that could be lethal to your business, such as lower employee morale, customer dissatisfaction, lost customers, lost sales, reduced quality of products and low production.

Predictive hiring technology and proven-in-the-marketplace algorithms make it significantly easier to avoid bad hires. Expr3ss! clients are able to identify candidates skills, but also assess which of those candidates may turn out to be corporate cultural misfits who will be more disruptive than effective.

7 Valuable Attributes that Trump Skills

In the best candidates, skill and attitude complement each other. Predictive hiring technology enables HR professionals to pinpoint candidates with the right skills and the right attitude from the start. Its algorithms go beneath the surface analysis of skills and experience to analyse these 7 highly desirable attributes:

  • Respect
  • Truthfulness
  • Loyalty
  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Gratitude

Is attitude really more important? Yes. A good illustration can be found in Aesop’s story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The Hare had the skill to win, but the Turtle had the winning attitude. The rest is history.

What’s Next?

“Employers who use predictive hiring technology to reach and evaluate a massive global talent pool are in a space that 80% of their competitors aren’t in,” says our co-founder Carolyne Burns. “Our staff selection software put our clients on the leading edge of recruitment and provides a significant advantage, particularly for hard-to-recruit roles”

Would you like to stop spending money on employee churn and begin building a peerless workforce that fits your business to a T? (Who wouldn’t!) If so, we invite you to contact Expr3ss! to explore our menu of predictive hiring technology and integrations, all aimed at finding you the best employees, and the best ROI on your recruitment investment.