How to Reduce Recruitment Costs – 5 Proven Strategies

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
18 Dec 2020
Reduce Recruitment Costs

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have made significant adjustments to their usual operations, one of those changes has been to reduce costs in a number of areas including recruitment. A number of companies have cut recruitment costs drastically, while some others would have ceased recruiting altogether. Many Expr3ss! clients dusted off and put into action the recruitment strategies they used to survive the GFC so that they were in great shape for 2021. In light of times with such restricted budgets for recruitment, it is sensible for companies to turn to the more cost-effective techniques to action recruiting…  Read More

Building a business case for recruitment software

Posted by Tegan Kavanagh
3 Dec 2020
Business Case for Recruitment Software header

Where to start? What to include? How and when you present your case will be key to success If you have encountered issues within your current recruitment processes and have found that adopting recruitment software will eliminate these, it may be time to construct a business case in order to gain approval for the integration of this software. The way in which you present your case to higher management will determine whether or not your software solution will get the green light to go ahead! Here are 6 steps that you should take when preparing your business case for recruitment…  Read More

Creating a COVID Culture

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Nov 2020
Creating a COVID culture feature image

Ideas to create a feeling of caring connection for the individual, the team and the community at large.
Culture doesn’t die in a pandemic unless we let it.

Smart Predictive Tech meets talent demand for Aged Care

Posted by Andrew Chapman
20 Nov 2020
Predictive Hiring Aged Care

The Healthcare and Education industries in Australia are experiencing a high demand for talent. How is technology assisting organisations in these industries with their difficult to fill roles? Speculation about the long-term impact COVID-19 will have on life and business both in Australia and around the world is still rampant. It does look bad. There have been many heartbreaking stories, people lost and businesses that have not and may not survive. These have been the most challenging of times. But please do not despair. We are reminded of what happened when we lived through the Great Financial Crisis and the…  Read More

How to Shortlist Job Applicants To Increase Retention

Posted by Carolyne Burns
17 Aug 2020
Shortlist Job Applicants

How do you pick the best applicant for the job and avoid CV reading fatigue? Your job listing is up on all the job boards and candidates are applying in droves. There’s plenty of great applicants to choose from, but… that’s the problem, there are too many when you recruit in the traditional way. How do you pick the best applicant for the job and avoid the predicament of choosing someone who will leave the job and result in the cost of doing a rehire?  A Global Recruiting Trends survey report that 46% of recruiting executives found that selecting candidates…  Read More

5 Healthcare Recruiting Tips For The Competitive Australian Market

Posted by Carolyne Burns
15 Jul 2020

It has been predicted that by 2025 there won’t be enough nurses to meet demand Healthcare is an occupation that employs a significant percent of the Australian workforce, over 1 million people are employed in the healthcare sector. Despite this large pool of workers in the country, there is still a massive demand for qualified and experienced healthcare professionals nationwide because of Australia’s ageing population. The strong demand has meant there is a shortage of healthcare professionals. A relatively large number of desired occupations appearing on the Department of Home Affair’s skilled occupations list are health related. In especially high demand…  Read More

Tips on How Recruiters Can Adapt to Remote Recruiting

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Jun 2020
Tips on How Recruiters Can adapt to Remote Recruiting

How are you preparing for the influx of candidate applications? We suggest making a list of technologies that can assist with remote recruiting. During the COVID-19 crisis, the safety of employees and candidates required shifting to remote capabilities. Whilst a number of hiring tasks will be completed face-to-face, a lot of tasks can easily be completed remotely now with smart technology. Recruitment tools that were once seen as a nice-to-have, have now become essential. Dispersed HR and recruitment personnel working from home have continued to function effectively because they have been quick to adopt these tools. Below we present a…  Read More

Recruiting Now, What Next?

Posted by Carolyne Burns
18 Jun 2020
Influx of Applications Handled with Predictive Hiring Technology

With the current influx of applications for jobs, how much harder and stressful will it be for traditional recruiters to pinpoint the best hires without the help of technology? If you work in recruiting or HR, these past weeks have been very difficult for you, whether you are working in an essential industry, managing your tasks from home, or simply preparing for what will happen next. And what will happen next is very important to all of us. ABS Measuring the labour market impacts of COVID-19 With millions out of work and many businesses shuttered – and many others looking…  Read More

Mapping all over the World

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
1 Nov 2019

One of our wonderful Expr3ssors! shared this awesome image with me this week… Can you spot the map pins? They show applicants from all over the World looking for work with one of our seasonal employers. The pin colours signify the progress of the applicant to interview via one-way video and SmartShortlist TM. Another customer uses mapping to identify people close to the worksite so as to offer them casual work that’s ideal for students fitting shifts around school. What could you be using Map Applicants for? Collect an address from any applicant and see a map like this. Look…  Read More

I’ve got Friday on my Mind

Posted by Carolyne Burns
9 Sep 2019

The Easybeats were right, we do have Friday on our minds. And why not? The end of the week finally gets here, with fun to come and the whole weekend to do what you want. Everyone loves Fridays, it’s playtime! And everybody includes your applicants! They want to have fun on Fridays too. They would rather think about the fun ahead, not looking at job ads. They do that on the boss’s time.So why do we still place job ads on Fridays? Our data here at Expr3ss! tells us that there is a remarkable fall off in the number of…  Read More