Take the plunge : get your own talent pool

Posted by Carolyne Burns | May - 2 - 2017 | 0 Comment

behaviours and attitudeI’m a big advocate of hiring for behaviours and attitudes, and training for skills.

This means, doing your utmost to match the right people to your business, rather than relying on a CV. CVs and job titles are rarely an accurate representation of an individual, their attitudes, and whether they will be successful in role. Nor are interviews, as reported in the New York Times recently http://nyti.ms/2ouIA3P

How can you take this one step further to ensure you’re hiring not only for the right behavioural fit, but also individuals who really want to be there? How can you distinguish between those that are truly interested in your organisation, and those that find themselves under last minute pressure to hunt for employment?

Similarly, how can you shift your organisation from a re-active, to pro-active recruiting culture?

The answer lies deep in your existing Talent Pool within Expr3ss!

Talent Pool Interest Builds

As a starting point, I encourage all Expr3ss! customers to establish or build upon their pre-qualified Talent Pool by displaying ‘Interest’ only roles alongside the actively recruiting ‘Apply Now’ roles.

Why? They’re easy to display, there is no cost to display them and they’ll save you a significant amount of time and money down the track too.  In fact, displaying “interest-only” roles has multiple benefits to applicants and organisations alike.

Displaying “interest-only” roles has multiple benefits

Firstly, they allow external or internal talent to register for roles that really appeal to them on a pro-active basis, in their own time, and on their own terms.

Without having to exert much effort, your organisation builds its own talent-rich database to access at any time.  It’s retained by your business, not shared with any other company, nor is it on-sold to competitors.

Secondly, This sort of transparency also helps to create the bigger picture of an organisation in the eyes of potential talent, its many functions and opportunities, so talent know what potential career path is on offer within the organisation.

Applicants gain career path insights

Showing “Interest-only” roles on your Expr3ss! service allows potential applicants to see the full breadth of work available within your organisation.  This helps inform their career considerations and as well as enabling to see their potential growth path within the business should they get the chance to become an employee.

So now you’ve started to build the Talent Pool, how do you ensure its high quality and have the behaviours and attitudes you require? This is where benchmarking comes in… and I’ll write about in my next blog post.