Iconic retailer Spendless Shoes recruitment results a step above

Posted by Carolyne Burns | November - 9 - 2018 | 0 Comment

Predictive Hiring Technology, SaaS, HRTech, HRIS, ATS, Staff Selection, Recruitment TechnologyIf I told you about a retail company that processed more than 354,000 unique job applications in 10 years, would you believe me?  What if I told you this same company hired applicants within 10.2 days of their application being made across 225 stores with only one recruitment manager?

In an article by Shortlist about how “Automated screening brings top candidates to the fore” they discuss how our customer, Spendless Shoes, “has slashed its recruitment advertising spend by 95% and vastly improved its candidates’ cultural fit since automating its screening and selection process.”

Spendless Shoes has been developing its reputation as an iconic Australian retailer for the past 30 years. For over 10 of these years, they have used the Expr3ss! predictive hiring technology to simplify staff selection. They have even taken up the opportunity to integrate other systems into their Expr3ss! solution.

The interview by Shortlist with Jaimee Charlton, Spendless Shoes National Store Development and Marketing Manager, highlights three important points:

1. Technology is a Talent Acquisition team’s friend

“There’s a bit of nervousness about, ‘well what’s my job if it’s not reading resumes?’ and I just think there’ so much more important work you can do…”

2.  Automation boosts candidate satisfaction too

While research on applicant experience is still sparse, there are a couple of things that are clear – like the fact that applicants love the intuitive application and feedback process that the Expr3ss! system offers. Read more about our findings here.

“Before Expr3ss! we would spend approximately $40,000 per year on paid job board ads; we now spend less than $2,000,” Jaimee told Shortlist. “Adding that candidates have rated its application process at 4.3 stars out of 5.”

3.  One-way video interviews work for applicant and employer

“The traditional hiring process is full of pitfalls and time wasters, especially when it comes to scheduling and performing interviews,” explains our co-founder and chairman, Dr. Glyn Brokensha in this article on video hiring for progressive employers.

One of the many benefits of one-way video interviewing is that it allows personality and passion to shine through, explains Jaimee.

The true beauty of great partnerships is that it inspires results (as our National Sales Manager recently explained in his article on our partnership with Spendless Shoes).

There is no shortage of results when it comes to Spendless Shoes’ success using Expr3ss! to simplify staff selection.  Check out these White Papers to see what results others are achieving too.