Technological Disruption Transforms Recruitment

Posted by Carolyne Burns | December - 21 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Disruption Transforms RecruitmentWhen Expr3ss! wants to know more about what’s top of mind for the tech industry’s key innovators, our team turns to TechCrunch Disrupt viagra ohne rezept aus deutschland.  TCD is a recognised authority in identifying game-changing advancements that create technological disruption, “whereby a (smaller) company with fewer resources is able to successfully challenge incumbent businesses.” 

Technological disruption could use some re-branding.  For most people, ‘disruption’ has a negative connotation.  The changes caused by technological disruption are transforming various industries for the better.  In the recruitment industry, digital disruption is helping recruiters become more productive and more effective.

100% Digital Recruitment, Says Business News

Increasingly, predictive hiring technology has moved to the forefront of technological disruption in the recruitment industry.

“When LinkedIn and online job applications first began to gain traction, they were seen as supplements to the traditional paper résumé and in-person interview.  Today, the world of recruiting has gone nearly 100-percent digital.”   – Business News Daily

Businesses that thrive understand that they’re only as good as their best workers.  Predictive hiring technology frees a company of any size to compete effectively for top talent, while conserving precious resources.  At Expr3ss!, our proven online system quickly and cost-effectively matches and pinpoints only those applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit required by our customers.

Resume Flood: Get Out from Under

It has never been easier for thousands of applicants to overwhelm an HR department with a tsunami of resumes. “Sifting through hundreds of resumes by hand isn’t only time-consuming, it’s not effective,” explains our co-founder Carolyne Burns. “The likelihood that you’ll overlook your ideal candidate is enormous.” With Expr3ss! predictive hiring technology, however, you can:

  • Staff-up fast with processes that can be deployed in just 48 hours.
  • Identify only the cream of the crop with matching algorithms that eliminate guesswork.
  • Improve retention by keeping any bad apples out of your bunch.
  • Keep your bottom line in the black by slashing advertising budgets.

What’s New in Recruitment 2016

Attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 got a first look at some of the ways that companies are thinking about staffing-up:

  • A dream board of hashtags that offer a more holistic candidate view.
  • A recruiting and hiring app targeting the start-up market.
  • Cash incentives for referring candidates online for open jobs.

Would your company benefit from an automated approach to recruitment with predictive hiring technology?  Would it benefit from an easy way to identify and reward people that refer successful candidates for your jobs?  If so, this is a great time to contact Expr3ss! and explore our menu of technology solutions, all aimed at making your life easier, and your staff more productive.