Love, Dating & Predictive Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns
8 Jul 2020
Love Dating and Predictive Technology

The increased speed has become a defining characteristic of the modern recruitment world. Decades ago if you were seeking a specific individual, for either an incredible romantic encounter or a perfect fit for an available job role, you would likely be spending months searching for someone who unfortunately only met minimum criteria. The reach of the internet has changed that profoundly. With the flick of a power button, an incredible number of prospects became available to interact with for both dating and professional opportunities. Both romantics and recruiters have more information available to them than they would have ever dreamed…  Read More

Can AI read people better than you?

Posted by Carolyne Burns
1 Jul 2020

Is AI Biased? Of Course it is! And so are humans. Reading resumes and conducting interview is ineffective and biased – and in the worst possible way… we don’t like to admit it. How many recruiters would lay claim to being “below average” in staff selection? Half of us are, by definition… but of course ego says, “not I”… it’s always someone else. The jury has been in on the uselessness of resumes for decades. Even if they were not full of misleading information, half-truths and downright lies, they are valueless. And recent research from Yale School of Management by…  Read More

The 7 Benefits of Using A Predictive Hiring ATS Over A Rudimentary ATS

Posted by Carolyne Burns
25 Jun 2020
HR utilise latest generation predictive hiring technology for recruitment

Are you another recruiter or HR professional working from home? How will this change how you hire? In the world of recruitment today, companies that utilise the latest generation of Predictive Hiring Technology (PHT) integrated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), will be able to hire the best suited candidates, attracting and identifying them quicker than in the past. Those that fail to adapt to emerging predictive technologies and tools will fall behind in achieving their digital transformation objectives. A company requires efficient and insightful processes for their recruitment strategy to be able to save time and focus on what is important,…  Read More

Tips on How Recruiters Can Adapt to Remote Recruiting

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Jun 2020
Tips on How Recruiters Can adapt to Remote Recruiting

How are you preparing for the influx of candidate applications? We suggest making a list of technologies that can assist with remote recruiting. During the COVID-19 crisis, the safety of employees and candidates required shifting to remote capabilities. Whilst a number of hiring tasks will be completed face-to-face, a lot of tasks can easily be completed remotely now with smart technology. Recruitment tools that were once seen as a nice-to-have, have now become essential. Dispersed HR and recruitment personnel working from home have continued to function effectively because they have been quick to adopt these tools. Below we present a…  Read More

Recruiting Now, What Next?

Posted by Carolyne Burns
18 Jun 2020
Influx of Applications Handled with Predictive Hiring Technology

With the current influx of applications for jobs, how much harder and stressful will it be for traditional recruiters to pinpoint the best hires without the help of technology? If you work in recruiting or HR, these past weeks have been very difficult for you, whether you are working in an essential industry, managing your tasks from home, or simply preparing for what will happen next. And what will happen next is very important to all of us. ABS Measuring the labour market impacts of COVID-19 With millions out of work and many businesses shuttered – and many others looking…  Read More

Why Recruiters Are Switching To Predictive Hiring Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns
11 Jun 2020

Locating a skilled candidate can be one thing, but finding someone who is happy to stay in a new position is another. Without the right tools to predict an applicant’s compatibility to a role you are left with a guessing game which has historically resulted in costly employee turnover.   Hiring managers have an incredible amount of applicant information available to them, however Gartner has reported that only 21% of human resource managers feel their companies are using talent analytics enough to make informed business decisions. Predictive analytics in recruitment can provide insight to enhance the effectiveness of your recruitment and…  Read More

Expr3ss! announces partnership and integration with Curious Thing, AI automated telephone interview innovator.

Posted by Carolyne Burns
20 Feb 2020

Is reading resumes and conducting interviews really the best way to get the right people in the right places in our organisation? Is it, as many might say, the gold standard – the measure against which everything else should be compared? Research suggests otherwise[1] , especially when considering the inescapable cognitive biases with which we are all inextricably burdened [2]. CuriousThing, an autonomous, AI and machine learning driven spoken-word interviewing system seeks to bring objectivity into the equation, removing bias and improving Inclusion and Diversity as a result. Expr3ss! is Impressed! We here at Expr3ss! have been so impressed with…  Read More

Mapping all over the World

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
1 Nov 2019

One of our wonderful Expr3ssors! shared this awesome image with me this week… Can you spot the map pins? They show applicants from all over the World looking for work with one of our seasonal employers. The pin colours signify the progress of the applicant to interview via one-way video and SmartShortlist TM. Another customer uses mapping to identify people close to the worksite so as to offer them casual work that’s ideal for students fitting shifts around school. What could you be using Map Applicants for? Collect an address from any applicant and see a map like this. Look…  Read More

I’ve got Friday on my Mind

Posted by Carolyne Burns
9 Sep 2019

The Easybeats were right, we do have Friday on our minds. And why not? The end of the week finally gets here, with fun to come and the whole weekend to do what you want. Everyone loves Fridays, it’s playtime! And everybody includes your applicants! They want to have fun on Fridays too. They would rather think about the fun ahead, not looking at job ads. They do that on the boss’s time.So why do we still place job ads on Fridays? Our data here at Expr3ss! tells us that there is a remarkable fall off in the number of…  Read More

Automated screening brings top candidates to the fore

Posted by Carolyne Burns
27 Mar 2019
Automated screening questions, HR, HRTech, Human resource managing, recruitment, hiring, staff selection, predictive hiring technology, automation, benchmarking, AI

A national retailer has slashed its recruitment advertising spend by 95% and vastly improved its candidates’ cultural fit since automating its screening and selection processes. Spendless Shoes national store development and marketing manager Jaimee Charlton has become an advocate for selection software Expr3ss! since her company introduced it 10 years ago, but says she still encounters many Talent Acquisition teams fearful of using technology to streamline their functions. “There is a bit of nervousness about, ‘well what’s my job if it’s not reading resumes?’, and I just think there’s so much more important work you can do.” The employers likely to achieve the greatest…  Read More