Expr3ss! Saves Money & Morale with Predictive Hiring Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns
21 Sep 2016
HR professional recruiter saves money with predictive hiring technology

“I wished I’d never hired that person!” This is a common complaint we hear from business owners who settle for second best because they don’t want to get caught up in the seemingly endless cycle of résumés, phone calls, and interviews, not to mention the endless flow of money into recruitment adverts and employee training.     Choose Wisely or Pay the Price The Expr3ss! team has reported to you previously on the high price tag of bad staffing practices. We’ve uncovered even more essential bottom line intel: a Harvard study contends that never hiring a toxic worker or getting…  Read More

Millennials, Not the Only Workforce in Town

Posted by Carolyne Burns
14 Sep 2016
Valuable Mature Worker Shares Insights With Millennial

  Millennials are frequently in the spotlight when it comes to recruitment. Adjusting to what is soon to be the largest segment of workers, employers are struggling to understand the hopes and expectations of this generation.   They include: Prioritising work/life balance over financial reward Accelerated career progression Skills improvement opportunities A desire to work overseas And, perhaps unexpectedly The opportunity to work with older generations Putting a high value on being mentored (Source: PwC) The value of older workers is clearly appreciated by employees, but employers who may not be aware of the best way to reach this rich…  Read More

For Recruitment Success: Don’t Over-Value Hard Skills

Posted by Carolyne Burns
7 Sep 2016

More and more it seems that companies are doomed to a revolving door of employees. It’s easy to attribute this phenomenon to the millennial generation and their desire for greener pastures every two to five years, but are other forces at work? The answer is yes, and the enemy may be coming from within: out-dated recruitment strategies. A growing body of research reveals that managers place a higher importance on soft skills such as attitude and work ethic than on hard trade skills. With soft skills, an employee Is more likely to excel as a leader Is more likely to…  Read More

2016 Outlook: Recruitment across Australia’s Capitals

Posted by Carolyne Burns
31 Aug 2016
HR Recruiter ponders Australian Recruitment Conditions

The Department of Employment recently released results of a survey of employers’ recruitment experiences in 2015 with statistics on Recent recruitment experiences Number of vacancies advertised and filled Methods of recruitment Applicant suitability Reasons for applicant unsuitability Recruitment outlook We found the results illuminating and think you will, too. We’ve distilled the information down to its essence for quick reading. (We know how busy you are!) Recruitment Conditions in Australia The results of the June 2015 survey revealed that most cities experienced steady or reduced levels of recruitment activity over the year. Hobart and Sydney, where recruitment activity increased, were…  Read More

Showreel: Video Hiring Tool for Progressive Employers

Posted by Carolyne Burns
24 Aug 2016
Applicant Responds to Employer using Video

When it arrived, video conferencing was heralded as the next big thing in recruitment. The then-fledgling technology enabled employers to conduct a visual and verbal assessment of potential hires in what seemed to be an extremely efficient way. Over time, however, it became clear that video conferencing was redundant in a world gone wild for Skype. That’s why Expr3ss! developed Showreel. “The traditional hiring process is full of pitfalls and time wasters, especially when it comes to scheduling and performing interviews. Our goal at Expr3ss! is to make the process more accurate and less expensive for job seekers and employers…  Read More

The Science of Talent Assessment: Predictive Hiring Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns
10 Aug 2016
HR using Predictive Hiring Technology Finding Better Candidates

According to an article in Inc. Magazine, open positions in companies, thanks to the ease of electronic applications, can draw as many as 250 resumes. As a result, HR professionals are drowning in candidates. Predictive hiring technology (PHT) can be their life preserver. PHT lets software take over the heavy lifting in HR. It reviews job applications quickly and efficiently, saving both time and money. 3 Ways Predictive Analytics Front-Loads Hiring Expr3ss! counsels clients to rely on predictive analytics in the pre-employment hiring process. It offers three key benefits: Improves the quality of hires – Predictive analytics assess a candidate’s…  Read More

Danger: 46% of Millennials Plan to Quit in 2 Years

Posted by Carolyne Burns
3 Aug 2016
Millennials in the work place

If you’re staffed with Millennials, your business is at an increased risk of losing some of your best workers in a very short time. With their departure, you’ll be hit with all the expenses associated with recruitment, hiring, and training that can play havoc with your bottom line. In an eye-opening survey published by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, the writing is on the wall: Nurture loyalty among Millennials or risk losing a large percentage of your workforce. This is especially urgent for Australian employers. Here’s why: Australian Millennial Workforce Could Leave Employers in the Lurch As part of a global…  Read More

Brand-Building: One Hire at a Time

Posted by Carolyne Burns
26 Jul 2016
Brand Building

At Expr3ss!, we know that finding, hiring, and retaining an engaged workforce is the essence of business success. That’s why everything we do is focused on helping our customers answer this key recruitment question: Who are the right people for your organisation? Now, when Expr3ss! talks about the “right people”, we’re not talking about job applicants that possess the basic skills to get the work done. We’re talking about potential applicants who will fit into a company’s corporate culture and become a brand advocate on every level. In this article, we examine why old-school recruitment protocols come up short when…  Read More

Employee Churn Costs Australia $3.8 Billion!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
28 Jun 2016
Employee Churn Costs

Turnover statistics tell a story about a business’ processes, procedures, leadership, and culture. Whether or not that story has a happy ending depends on keeping employee churn to a minimum.   In this article, Team Expr3ss! shares news on how to do just that. How Good Staffing Can Save $385 Million Companies invest time, effort, and cold hard cash into recruiting, interviewing, and training an employee. The failure to retain new employees is placing a substantial burden on the balance sheet’s bottom line. In fact, it is estimated that staff churn costs Australian retailers $3.8 billion in lost productivity $385…  Read More

Xero In on Team Building

Posted by Carolyne Burns
15 Jun 2016
Xero In Expr3ss!

We’re big fans of business podcasts here at Expr3ss! They’re free, convenient, and educational. Best of all, podcasts let us listen while we work, multi-tasking in the best of all possible ways. We’re pleased to report that podcasts love Expr3ss!, too. Recently, our founder and Chairman Dr Glyn Brokensha was interviewed by Jeanne Vida Douglas and Rob Stone for the business-centric podcast Xero In.  The topic: Secrets to building a great team. Why did Xero choose Glyn? Glyn has more than thirty years’ experience with people and behaviour. He really understands business culture and psychology and how software and technology…  Read More