Expr3ss! announces partnership and integration with Curious Thing, AI automated telephone interview innovator.

Posted by Carolyne Burns
20 Feb 2020

Is reading resumes and conducting interviews really the best way to get the right people in the right places in our organisation? Is it, as many might say, the gold standard – the measure against which everything else should be compared? Research suggests otherwise[1] , especially when considering the inescapable cognitive biases with which we are all inextricably burdened [2]. CuriousThing, an autonomous, AI and machine learning driven spoken-word interviewing system seeks to bring objectivity into the equation, removing bias and improving Inclusion and Diversity as a result. Expr3ss! is Impressed! We here at Expr3ss! have been so impressed with…  Read More

HR & Finance – An Unlikely Power Couple

Posted by Carolyne Burns
26 Jul 2018
HRIS SaaS HRTechnology

As CFOs at the helm of two high-growth HR tech organisations, Xref’s James Solomons and Kristie Langley-Gliddon from Expr3ss! – Software that Simplifies Staff Selection, are perfectly placed to discuss the evolving relationship between finance and HR. Here they share their views on everything from the financial implications of hiring decisions, the hidden costs of a bad hire and how they ensure their finance team is seen as more than just bean counters. How have the financial implications of hiring decisions changed? Kristie: “The more things changed, the more they stayed the same…” This was my experience prior to joining Expr3ss!. Ever…  Read More

Seamless Integration: Why Krispy Kreme Australia Loves Expr3ss!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Nov 2016

Our team is crazy about Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, both as sweet treats and an Expr3ss! VIC (Very Important Customer). We’re pleased to know that the feeling is mutual: “Xref and Expr3ss! are a great example of two best of breed technology providers working together to provide a seamless experience to the customer and industry” – Sally Park If you haven’t heard the news, Xref is our new partner in staffing success. Our two companies have integrated our cloud-based platforms to provide customers with a seamless recruitment and retention process. Expr3ss! & Xref: Perfect Together Xref is a secure, cloud-based candidate…  Read More

Showreel: Video Hiring Tool for Progressive Employers

Posted by Carolyne Burns
24 Aug 2016
Applicant Responds to Employer using Video

When it arrived, video conferencing was heralded as the next big thing in recruitment. The then-fledgling technology enabled employers to conduct a visual and verbal assessment of potential hires in what seemed to be an extremely efficient way. Over time, however, it became clear that video conferencing was redundant in a world gone wild for Skype. That’s why Expr3ss! developed Showreel. “The traditional hiring process is full of pitfalls and time wasters, especially when it comes to scheduling and performing interviews. Our goal at Expr3ss! is to make the process more accurate and less expensive for job seekers and employers…  Read More

Xero In on Team Building

Posted by Carolyne Burns
15 Jun 2016
Xero In Expr3ss!

We’re big fans of business podcasts here at Expr3ss! They’re free, convenient, and educational. Best of all, podcasts let us listen while we work, multi-tasking in the best of all possible ways. We’re pleased to report that podcasts love Expr3ss!, too. Recently, our founder and Chairman Dr Glyn Brokensha was interviewed by Jeanne Vida Douglas and Rob Stone for the business-centric podcast Xero In.  The topic: Secrets to building a great team. Why did Xero choose Glyn? Glyn has more than thirty years’ experience with people and behaviour. He really understands business culture and psychology and how software and technology…  Read More

Expr3ss! Makes News: Female executives interviewed

Posted by Carolyne Burns
3 Jun 2016
female executives

Are you one of the nearly two million individuals that turn to the Business Insider for news across a wide range of industry verticals, including media, tech, and financial? If not, we urge you to visit Business Insider Australia, which covers news, trends, and insights here at home. Expr3ss! is a huge fan of Business Insider Australia and the service they provide. That’s why we were delighted when they reached out to Carolyne Burns, our Co-founder and Managing Director, for her participation in a feature piece related to International Women’s Day 2016. Carolyne and 23 other women, dubbed by Business…  Read More

Another Expr3ss! Success: Partnership with HROnboard

Posted by Carolyne Burns
22 Apr 2016

We are proud of the many attributes that distinguish Expr3ss! as a leading provider of software that solves staff selection. Our ability to match candidates to positions based on cultural fit in the recruitment process is one reason that HROnboard has joined us in a partnership. “We’re focussed on employee onboarding & offboarding exclusively,” explains Peter Forbes CEO and Founder of HROnboard. “Partnering with an awesome recruitment provider such as Expr3ss! enables us to provide our customers uninterrupted support from candidate selection right through to the new hire’s first day.” The collaboration with HROnboard puts the time saving and cost…  Read More

Fred Hollows has our Christmas Card for You

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
11 Dec 2015

Expr3ss! Adds Another Fred Hollows Sponsorship We wish you all a wonderful festive season and the happiest and most prosperous of New Years! At Expr3ss! we’ve always believed in giving back.  So instead of sending Christmas Cards, again this year we’re thinking philanthropy. Last year we added a Smith Family child sponsorship to our regular monthly charitable donations.  This year we’re looking Internationally and adding a second Fred Hollows Sponsorship.  This is another continuing sponsorship:  again, just like last year, we’re in it for life. So… Fred Hollows has our Christmas card for you this year.  Hope you like it! We are sure you’ll be familiar with the Fred…  Read More

Major Sponsor of Helpmann Academy Jazz Awards

Posted by Carolyne Burns
26 Oct 2015
Expr3ss!, Major Sponsor of Helpmann Academy Jazz Awards

Yes, for the last 3 years (that’s our number!), Expr3ss! has proudly sponsored the drumming scholarships for the Helpmann Academy.  It has been a wonderful experience and humbling to see the impact that we have had on the lives and developing professional careers of such talented young musicians. Expr3ss! has upgraded its sponsorship of Helpmann Academy, directly supporting young stars (that’s our word!) and helping them to shine. So we are now Major Sponsor of Helpmann Academy Jazz Awards.  Truly we are blown away every year with the quality, talent and sheer exuberance of these performers and the artists-in-residence. Artist-in-residence? …  Read More

Le Tour de France… in Taree, NSW

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
27 Jul 2015
Expr3ss! sponsors The Tour de Taree

I am sure we have all heard of the Tour de France and have been amazed by the skills of these cyclists while admiring the marvellous landscape of countryside France… but have you heard about Tour de Taree? Expr3ss! is a proud to be sponsor… Mirroring the Tour de France, the Club Taree team has been riding 3344 kilometres in 22 days to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia Northern NSW.  All funds raised go straight to helping fund the amazing facilities and support programs that so many of the Taree locals use on a daily basis. To complete this challenge, the Club Taree…  Read More