“Fundamental Error” causes hiring blues

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
28 Aug 2015

“What in earth has “Fundamental Attribution Error” got to do with hiring the wrong people?”, I hear you ask.  Well, I didn’t actually hear you but I’m glad you asked anyway. Oh!… you didn’t ask?  Never mind, you must be curious about it by now:  you’re quite a curious person aren’t you! And there it is!… that’s it! …  fundamental attribution error… I just did it… and you helped.  Well done!  You obviously have a lively and enquiring mind.  Oh! shoot, there it is again! It’s said that if you claim to remember the 60’s then you weren’t there.  But…  Read More

Sporting lessons to better manage your talent!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
13 Aug 2015

In the game of business – apply sporting lessons to better manage your talent! At Expr3ss! we are absolutely committed to helping our customers with tools to select the right talent, for the right role, who are keen to and can do the job. More than ever before, the key to business success depends on how well you manage your talent. Mobility in the digital age means more competition for talent, so your people can choose to move on to other challenges, anywhere and any time. How do you make them the best that they can be, while you have them? Managing…  Read More

Live an inspiring vision to be a high performer

Posted by Carolyne Burns
1 Jul 2015
Live an inspiring vision to be a high performer

What differentiates high from low performance, and what are the benefits?  This recent article (The Australian – Business Review) offers some insights. According to research by Insync Surveys, of more than 100,000 employees from 200 companies, the differentiator between the high and the low performers is to “live an inspiring vision”. At Expr3ss! we are all about high performance delivery of our services to all our customers, from employers through to applicants. We all want better outcomes, for the business we’re in. We say it takes more than vision! Communication is the key.  You must be able to communicate your vision to everyone…  Read More

Technology shifts ground for HR and Recruitment

Posted by Carolyne Burns
25 May 2015
Technology selection for HR & Recruitment leaders

It is an unavoidable fact that technology has placed itself firmly in the business of recruitment and is forcing HR leaders and recruitment professionals to adapt and adjust. Leaders in the field are adapting now – using technology to enhance the recruitment and HR processes and creating new opportunities and efficiencies in the sector. Those who embrace change and drive it look to trim organisational costs, particularly in their own departments.  They constantly look for innovation to help deliver the best applicants most efficiently and effectively. Across the world the ground has shifted for recruitment.  We have built the foundations…  Read More

How to alienate customers and prospects without even trying… amazing figures!

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
8 Sep 2014

Just about everyone knows the old business adage that a dissatisfied customer will tell ten people, whereas a satisfied customer will tell only one.  And it’s pretty easy to imagine why that happens.   But a recent Expr3ss! survey of job applicants reveals that it is very, very much worse to create a dissatisfied applicant.  And it’s so easy to do… all you have to do is do nothing! Yes, simply doing nothing will alienate your job applicants nicely.  When they don’t hear anything from you, our study shows that they think about their application and your company negatively every day…  Read More

Is the professional resume writer a dinosaur?

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
25 Aug 2014

Let me tell you a story please. A while ago all of us at Expr3ss! were bemused when a professional resume writer criticised Expr3ss! in less than flattering terms.  In fact he was downright nasty about us. This is perhaps not quite so surprising given that our Expr3ss! process disintermediates the need for resume writers, as resumes progressively become less important. But the more we analysed it the more we realised he obviously has no clue about what we do or the care we take to help applicants gain jobs they will love and flourish in. Of course, what he said was ill-informed opinion that…  Read More

Abbott’s forced job applications hurt the unemployed

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
4 Aug 2014

The superficially attractive proposals from the Abbott Government around work-for-the-dole provisions have come in for some serious criticisms in the past few days since their release. In case you’ve been in suspended animation and missed it, one of the key proposals whose intention is to get job seekers busy, busy, busy making applications, is that unemployment benefit should be contingent upon recipients making no less than 40 job applications per month.  That’s about two a day for each working day. Abbott’s forced job applications hurt the unemployed … let’s do some sums… 40 applications per month x 728,500 unemployed persons…  Read More

More red tape means more reports. Without systems and process… reporting can be a real headache.

Posted by Andy Lester
7 Mar 2014

  Do you remember a time when the boss asked you for a report and your heart sank? You knew you had the information but to collate it, total it and display it in any meaningful way was going to take you hours. If this is still the case you need to look at 3 key factors.   1. How do you collect the information now? 2. How do you check it’s valid and correct? 3. How do you need to display it? If you are not collecting correct and valid information then it will take you many hours first…  Read More

Why Cost is your Friend not your Enemy

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
19 Feb 2014

One of our favourite customers says, “Cost is the enemy”.   But I beg to differ … but by only a single word. I’d prefer to say, “Unnecessary cost is the enemy”.   Whilst cost-avoidance is guaranteed to get the attention of business owners, the CEO and the CFO, the company that spends nothing accomplishes nothing.   I’m thinking omelettes and eggs here. All this got me thinking.  So, since we are specialists in staff selection systems, I did a little analysis of the costs for a couple of representative customers.  And, I confess, I was also very  interested in…  Read More

See you later aggregator!

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
4 Feb 2014

It’s said that Australian consumers are early adopters while Australian businesses are often the reverse.  It’s certainly true that many of our Expr3ss! customers have been more than surprised to see so many of the little Indeed.com icons       pop up in their Applicant Source column. Indeed.com is a job aggregrator, think of it as Google® for jobs [more here]. It seems that applicants have discovered Indeed.com and adopted it with great gusto! But what does this mean for you? In last month’s post [here] I showed how simply by making your Job publicly-visible in “Apply” mode it becomes automagically…  Read More