Technology shifts ground for HR and Recruitment

Posted by Carolyne Burns | May - 25 - 2015 | 0 Comment

Technology selection for HR & Recruitment leaders

It is an unavoidable fact that technology has placed itself firmly in the business of recruitment and is forcing HR leaders and recruitment professionals to adapt and adjust. Leaders in the field are adapting now – using technology to enhance the recruitment and HR processes and creating new opportunities and efficiencies in the sector. Those who embrace change and drive it look to trim organisational costs, particularly in their own departments.  They constantly look for innovation to help deliver the best applicants most efficiently and effectively. Across the world the ground has shifted for recruitment.  We have built the foundations for that here at Expr3ss! The future of recruitment is here – Expr3ss! went “back to the future” more then 10 years ago.

Dr Glyn Brokensha and I saw the potential a decade ago, creating the Expr3ss! selection model for the new age of recruitment, pinpointing quality staff reliably, speedily and affordably.

Dr John Sullivan, the California-based HR thought-leader, known internationally as a specialist in strategic talent management solutions to large corporations recently published this article in ERE Media*,

“ Your future as a Recruiter:  You Better Know How to Sell, Because Most of what You Do Today Will be Done by Technology.” [

He argues there that skills in selling, or influencing, or advocacy will become dominant for corporate recruiters.  He goes on…

  • Sourcing – Why sourcing is rapidly becoming irrelevant
  • Matching – Why software will replace recruiters who scan resumes
  • Resume Screening – Why software and apps will replace recruiters who have been assessing candidates
  • Candidate Assessment – Why new technology will make it unnecessary for recruiters to participate in interviewing

No longer will it be a matter of placing an ad on a job board, poring over piles of CVs and CV keyword searches, ringing every candidate for a chat then guessing who to appoint.  Internal recruiters and HR leaders will be freed up to concentrate on the work they currently don’t have enough time for.  Technology is the time-saver and Expr3ss! is the technology… and it’s constantly evolving.

As Dr Brokensha says, “Technology will do the pinpointing leaving you free to concentrate on such things as improving the workplace, employee support programs and occupational health and safety.”

We’re in constant and never-ending improvement here at Expr3ss!   Dr Sullivan again, “… the fact is, enough data-driven technologists have recently taken interest in the recruiting process to the point where real progress is being made.”  

Our technology is all about bringing these changes to the recruitment and HR leaders that embrace innovation.

Over the next 6-12 months Expr3ss! will bring more of these innovations to users.  Exciting times and even greater results are ahead for us all.



*In 1998, ERE was created as an online gathering place for recruiters.  It was a needed destination where they could network, share best practices, and learn from each other.