Expr3ss! Saves Money & Morale with Predictive Hiring Technology

Posted by Carolyne Burns
21 Sep 2016
HR professional recruiter saves money with predictive hiring technology

“I wished I’d never hired that person!” This is a common complaint we hear from business owners who settle for second best because they don’t want to get caught up in the seemingly endless cycle of résumés, phone calls, and interviews, not to mention the endless flow of money into recruitment adverts and employee training.     Choose Wisely or Pay the Price The Expr3ss! team has reported to you previously on the high price tag of bad staffing practices. We’ve uncovered even more essential bottom line intel: a Harvard study contends that never hiring a toxic worker or getting…  Read More

2016 Outlook: Recruitment across Australia’s Capitals

Posted by Carolyne Burns
31 Aug 2016
HR Recruiter ponders Australian Recruitment Conditions

The Department of Employment recently released results of a survey of employers’ recruitment experiences in 2015 with statistics on Recent recruitment experiences Number of vacancies advertised and filled Methods of recruitment Applicant suitability Reasons for applicant unsuitability Recruitment outlook We found the results illuminating and think you will, too. We’ve distilled the information down to its essence for quick reading. (We know how busy you are!) Recruitment Conditions in Australia The results of the June 2015 survey revealed that most cities experienced steady or reduced levels of recruitment activity over the year. Hobart and Sydney, where recruitment activity increased, were…  Read More

Employee Churn Costs Australia $3.8 Billion!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
28 Jun 2016
Employee Churn Costs

Turnover statistics tell a story about a business’ processes, procedures, leadership, and culture. Whether or not that story has a happy ending depends on keeping employee churn to a minimum.   In this article, Team Expr3ss! shares news on how to do just that. How Good Staffing Can Save $385 Million Companies invest time, effort, and cold hard cash into recruiting, interviewing, and training an employee. The failure to retain new employees is placing a substantial burden on the balance sheet’s bottom line. In fact, it is estimated that staff churn costs Australian retailers $3.8 billion in lost productivity $385…  Read More

Expr3ss! Recruitment Tip: Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill

Posted by Carolyne Burns
20 May 2016
behaviours and attitude

Expr3ss! knows that when it comes to staffing and recruitment, a single goal is shared by companies of all sizes: to hire the “best of the best”. When selecting employees, however, too many businesses are laser-focused on an applicant’s skill set. That’s a mistake, as skills are just part of the equation.  Why does Expr3ss! endorse turning things around and hire for attitude, train for skills? In this article, we look at the importance of attitude in the workplace and how it can enhance or undermine the value of even the most skilled worker. 5 Reasons 46% of New Hires Failed…  Read More

Golden Rules: How to Hire Platinum Employees

Posted by Carolyne Burns
15 Apr 2016

  What would you do if you had several thousand jobs to hire for and received two million job applications from around the world? That’s what happens each year at Google. In response, the company created efficient processes that allowed them to sort through the growing tsunami of applicants and quickly identify top applicants to hire.   What works for Google will work for you. In this article, Expr3ss! shares four simple principles that “…can help even the smallest team to do much, much better at hiring” Lazlo Bock, Senior VP, People Operations, Google How Google Cut Hiring Time & Costs…  Read More

Expr3ss! 7-Day Club Members Trim Time-to-Hire

Posted by Carolyne Burns
16 Mar 2016

This past February, Expr3ss! welcomed some of Australia’s best-loved businesses into our 7-Day Club. It’s not an exclusive club. Quite the contrary. Anyone can become a member when they reduce time-to-hire to 7 days or less. Does that goal sound impossible? It’s not. In this article, we share good news from the frontlines of recruiting in Australia and insights that can help you take back control of your own recruitment. Expr3ss! Solves Too Much of a Good Thing With the Internet bringing literally millions of new talent to the pool, finding good applicants has become easier. What has become more difficult…  Read More

Social Media: Write a Policy to Avoid a Reputation Pitfall

Posted by Carolyne Burns
8 Feb 2016

Here at Expr3ss!, we’re always working to find new tactics to help your business do better. Staff selection is one of our favourite proven strategies, of course, but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested in other issues that can impact a company’s reputation as well as its bottom line. One such issue: the consequences of what your employees may be publishing on social media. In a study published by York College’s Centre for Professional Excellence, half the human resources professionals who participated reported that “IT abuses have increased over the past five years” among new college graduates. Expr3ss! Asks the…  Read More

5 Tips for Profitable Business Innovation with Expr3ss!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
1 Feb 2016

At Expr3ss!, we know that time is a precious commodity, and, in our experience, investing time to work on, rather than in, a business pays huge dividends. That’s why we’ve spent a decade working with hundreds of Australian companies to help them save time. We streamline staff selection processes and find ways to accelerate efficiencies, while simultaneously taking our clients to the next level of business success. The key is innovation. Simon Raik-Allen, the Chief Technology Officer of MYOB, wrote recently that everyone wants to be innovative. Unfortunately for small or mid-sized business owners whose staff resources may be as…  Read More

$2M in Two Years: Expr3ss! Turns Technology Into Profits

Posted by Carolyne Burns
21 Jan 2016

During our decade serving Australian small and mid-sized enterprises, Expr3ss! has proof-positive that technology provides profitable solutions to challenges in the employment sector. It is true today and will be increasingly true in the future. Access to a worldwide talent pool is an inevitability that businesses can eagerly accept, or reject at the peril of profitability. Global job markets are destined to embrace technology solutions. For businesses, the right technology can improve efficiency in staff selection, thereby reducing costly staff turnover rates and expenses. There’s an upside to this paradigm shift for jobseekers, millions of whom will be able to…  Read More

High-value jobs – better news for women than men

Posted by Carolyne Burns
14 Sep 2015
High-value jobs

Be a people person AND a geek – and you will be sure to get the high-value jobs! Imagine our surprise when we saw the recent headline: “Geeks will rule the workplace by 2030”.  Then we found this one: “The Best Jobs Now Require you to be a People Person” and  another:  “How the New Economy Hurts Men and Helps Women”. At Expr3ss! we believe it will take a good balance of both – people skills and technology skills – for people of all ages to participate in the workplace of the future.  It’s better news for women than for…  Read More