How to Fall in Love with Recruiting Again

Posted by Carolyne Burns | October - 5 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Fall in Love with Recruiting AgainWhen business owners and hiring managers sleep, they dream of talking to intelligent, skilled candidates who have talent and drive and who understand their company’s corporate culture. Then they wake up to the reality: in today’s marketplace the best candidates have their pick of which organisation to work for. This begs the question, “How can I target great applicants in my recruiting efforts and not get swallowed up by the process?”


It’s a good question, and one Team Expr3ss! wants to help answer.

Predictive Hiring Technology Repairs Recruitment’s Image & Success

Recruitment is not a popular topic in most businesses. Beset by increased demand for quality talent, hiring managers are expected to find the best of the best. The sheer magnitude of candidates that apply for most jobs can completely overwhelm the hiring process. As reported by the Australian Financial Review:

  • One of Australia’s largest mortgage houses screens around 8,000 mortgage brokers each year, and hires only 400 candidates.
  • A consumer finance company screens around 1,000 agents and hires 120.
  • A data-marketing organisation screens 12,000 actuaries and hires only 60.

Expr3ss!’s predictive hiring technology was created to help them.

Expr3ss! Software Solutions for Recruitment

At Expr3ss!, we have software that solves staff selection challenges that drain resources. Our embedded expert algorithms help hiring managers go far behind the traditional psychometric analysis. Expr3ss! predictive hiring technology is customised to each client’s business. Regardless of the size or nature of your company, all it takes is a single click to:

  • Deploy and start an effective new recruitment process in under 48 hours.
  • Sift, sort, and pinpoint through a mountain of applicants to find candidates with the can-do skills you demand.
  • Create a shortlist of candidates with the right attitude and soft skills to be a star employee based on your existing exemplar staff
  • Select the best candidate for the job.

“Finding staff is just one of dozens of duties that HR professionals have,” observes our co-founder Carolyne Burns. “Using predictive hiring technology streamlines the process and makes it easier to find the golden needles in the applicant haystack so they have more time to devote to other responsibilities.” Burns is especially proud of the Expr3ss! dedication to client support and satisfaction. “We have free-call phone support, a rapid-response help desk and instant live chat staffed by members of our dedicated in-house team,” she reports.

What’s Next?

Has recruiting and retaining staff turned into a nightmare? Could you benefit from an automated system that can help you slash budgets, improve applicant quality, and save time? Why not find out more? We invite you to contact Expr3ss! and discover how our predictive hiring technology can make you fall in love with recruitment again.