World retail trends reveal recruitment parallels

Posted by Carolyne Burns
24 Jun 2015

Enormous cash flows are being generated in some of the biggest retail markets in the world, by listening to the customer and ensuring the customer drives business innovation and delivery. At Expr3ss! we work hard to establish great relationships with our customers. It is a continuous conversation which enables us to listen, and keep innovating. It is the same with international retailers.  Dr Glyn Brokensha saw it in action, used brilliantly, in the past weeks of his Westfield World Retail Study Tour. The ‘you’, in retail as in recruitment, means we work both sides of the conversation. At Expr3ss! we…  Read More

Retailer staff retention rates boosted by Expr3ss!

Posted by Carolyne Burns
4 Jun 2015

We are in business to make a difference and figures prove that we have for our long-term client, Michelle Adey, the HR Administrator at Radio Rentals and RT Edwards.   The difference in just three years is massive.  At Radio Rentals, staff retention rates in 2012 were down around 32%.  With the use of Expr3ss! software, the retention rate has doubled and is now up above 64%. Michelle also shared the results from RT Edwards, the Queensland-based electrical retailer.  Staff retention of 20% in 2012 at RT Edwards, has more than tripled to be tracking at 66% in just three years….  Read More

Expr3ss! feedback from HR leaders of the future

Posted by Carolyne Burns
14 May 2015
Expr3ss! feedback from HR leaders of the future

Thanks to Professor Mary Barrett of the University of Wollongong School of Management, Operations & Marketing for her invitation to present to her post-graduate HR and recruitment selection group. The feedback is brilliant! This, from Professor Mary Barrett: “You could tell from the students’ expressions and the quality of their questions that they were riveted by the presentation.  It gave them – and me – something I could not have done on my own.” The presentation gave an appreciation of how recruitment methodologies have changed and are continuing to change with advancements in technology.  Expr3ss! puts technology at the forefront of selection. Mary’s group are…  Read More

Expr3ss! tours world’s best retailers for solutions

Posted by Carolyne Burns
5 May 2015

Bon voyage and bravo to our co-founder Dr Glyn Brokensha, who is one of the lucky few, chosen to join the 18th World Retail Study Tour, hosted by Westfield. Opportunities abound for Expr3ss! to bring new thinking and new ideas to our software for our retail customers – and our other customers are sure to benefit too. Who knows what Glyn will find in the funky, edgy SoHo stores in New York City, or in the established, luxury Upper East Side emporia of Fifth Avenue?  Not to mention retail across the river in Brooklyn. His imagination will be fired up…  Read More

Beaumont Tiles nominates Expr3ss! for Australian HR Awards 2015

Posted by Carolyne Burns
28 Apr 2015

Here’s a shout-out to Tracy!  Tracy Schulze, the National Recruitment Specialist and HR Support star at Beaumont Tiles has nominated Expr3ss! for an HR Award, for Best Use of Technology in the Australian HR Awards 2015, coming up in August. At Expr3ss! we aim to go beyond expectations for our customers.  And, more often than not, our customers are happy to blast beyond our expectations too! As the Australian HR Awards 2015 category description says: “This award recognises excellence in human capital technology use by an in-house HR team.” Businesses need results and solutions.  Tracy shares with us all the results and…  Read More

Expr3ss! radio – tuned in to productivity

Posted by Carolyne Burns
23 Apr 2015

This week, two of our team – Expr3ssors! – seized the day and got on radio in Sydney and in Adelaide. We love to tell our Expr3ss! story and when and if an opportunity presents itself, we simply jump to it! Stuck in Sydney traffic during the tempestuous storms and squalls, “Andy of North Sydney” – our national sales manager, Andy Lester – called the Nova969 Breakfast team, Fitzy & Wippa and, next thing, he’s on the air – captured in this snippet: The topic… great work environments… Fitzy & Wippa were quoting research by a psychologist which showed that productivity improves…  Read More

Five New Psychometric Tests

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
2 Mar 2015

Yes, after a successful trial, we’re adding five new psychometric tests to our stable! You’ll already know that the Expr3ss! Checklist is a proven predictor of on-the-job performance, significantly cutting staff turnover in documented case studies. Now through a new and exciting partnership with respected International HR Solutions and Consulting company Davidson, we are happy and thrilled to announce the upcoming availability of five new psychometric tests. Davidson’s are the exclusive distributors of the Talegent range of psychometric tests.  And we have integrated them right into your Expr3ss! applicant pages. We’ve run a pilot with one customer.  They send an email to one or…  Read More

Android App means more Free Job Exposure

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
20 Feb 2015

We’re delighted to announce the debut of our Android App now available on Google Play here. Expr3ss! has and always will be a firm believer in getting the most for our customers. With Social Networks and Mobile use at an all time high it only makes sense to explore these channels for job advertisement. We’ve been running a dedicated Facebook, Twitter and iOS (iPhone and iPad) application for over a year now aimed at promoting jobs posted on your Expr3ss! service and sharing them to each medium, all automatically and totally free of charge. So with an Android application now on the list, we’ve…  Read More

Expr3ss! Sponsors Future Cirque du Soleil CirKidz

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
19 Jan 2015

Have you ever had one of those experiences that just blew you away and made you decide to make a difference? Well the Expr3ss! t3am just did. We’d been working with CirKidz to provide some additional entertainment at the Expr3ss! World Tennis Challenge cocktail functions. For logistical reasons, the show didn’t work out but we loved the idea so much that we decided to accept their invitation to a circus workshop and performance at their home in Bowden SA. We had so much fun in the first hour and we didn’t think it could get any better … but we…  Read More

Christmas Gifting

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha
16 Dec 2014
Smith Family NFP Support

Expr3ss! Sponsors another Smith Family Child We wish you all a wonderful festive season and the happiest and most prosperous of New Years! At Expr3ss! we’ve always believed in giving something back.  So instead of Christmas Carding, this year we’re Christmas Gifting again. We’ve added a second Smith Family child sponsorship to our regular monthly charitable donations.  This is another continuing sponsorship:  again, just like last year, we’re in it for life. If you’re not yet familiar with the Smith Family’s work, then check out their “The best that I can be…” video … but, caution!… you might find yourself moved to donate too.  And…  Read More