I’ve got Friday on my Mind

Posted by Carolyne Burns | September - 9 - 2019 | 0 Comment

The Easybeats were right, we do have Friday on our minds. And why not?

The end of the week finally gets here, with fun to come and the whole weekend to do what you want. Everyone loves Fridays, it’s playtime!

And everybody includes your applicants! They want to have fun on Fridays too. They would rather think about the fun ahead, not looking at job ads. They do that on the boss’s time.
So why do we still place job ads on Fridays? Our data here at Expr3ss! tells us that there is a remarkable fall off in the number of applicants online. Friday is the worst day of the working week.

And now 73% of our customers’ applicants come from entirely free sources it’s even more important.

So how come we still see HR professionals sending out job ads on Friday?

The answer is that it’s how things used to be done. Back in the bad old days, when the best place to look for a job was in the Job ads in the papers on a Saturday, we had to have the ads in to the papers by late Friday. So, it turns out that even in this digital age we are still liable to do things the old-fashioned way.

But why? I can tell you that the best day of the week to put a job out there is a Monday or Tuesday… see the News Business story here and also on our website.

It makes sense too… people start the working week on Mondays and that’s when applicants are energised to really put the effort in to look for a job. And, between ourselves, that’s when they say to themselves, “I don’t want to be here in this job another week!”.