Think Widget! Are your website career pages working for you?

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha | October - 14 - 2017 | 0 Comment

Q: Are you missing out?

A:  If you don’t have the Expr3ss! widget on your website career pages, you probably are.

Q:  What’s the Expr3ss! Widget?

A:  It’s a few lines of code you can copy/paste into your website that display your current Expr3ss! jobs right there within your website in real time, always up-to-date.

Q:  Why is it important?

A:  We’re seeing an increasing trend for job applicants to look for jobs on your company website.  Even if they find the job on a job board (like Seek) or a free Job Aggregator (like Indeed or Jora), they’ll navigate to your website and apply from there.

Q:  Why are they doing that?

A:  Some applicants are worried about privacy… the uses the job boards and aggregators will make of their data.  Some want to be sure the job is real and current by checking on your website;  and some feel the employers will pay more attention to someone who comes via their website.

Q:  What do you mean “Real and Current”?

A:  Job aggregators particularly have difficulty in working out when to remove a job ad from their systems.  So applicants often find themselves on a wild goose chase.  This does not apply to jobs from Expr3ss! customers as we send a high-quality direct feed to the aggregators.  So when your job ceases to be publicly visible it will disappear from the aggregators search results very soon after.

Q:  Where do I find the code?

A:  Navigate to Help and select the Widget tab.

Q:  Can I customise the widget to suit my site?

A:  Yes you can!  Customise what’s included… grouping, content, layout, order, buttons, colours etc etc.  It’s a breeze, all do-able within the Widget page by simple selections.  And if you want even finer control, your web guys can do more with what they call your website stylesheet (.css)

Q:  What do you mean copy/paste into my website?

A:  Just that!  Choose your customisation settings, copy the code snippet and paste it wherever you want your jobs to be seen.  Many companies have a website built on a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla etc).  If you have access you can paste away yourself… or find someone who does!  Or your web guys can do it for you… it’s a 30 second job.  Here’s an example from our own site…

Q:  What am I waiting for?

A:  Do it today!