Is Dr Glyn Brokensha an HR Disrupter?

Posted by Carolyne Burns | December - 7 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Disrupters Expr3ss! Uber Vinomofo JoustInDaily certainly thinks so.  Earlier this year, the news outlet partnered with Solstice Media to present “Disrupters,” where Expr3ss! Co-founder and Chairman Glyn Brokensha was a featured speaker.  Nearly 200 business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs attended the event to listen to inspirational leaders like Dr Brokensha, who have enjoyed exponential business growth through disruption.

In addition to comments from Dr Brokensha, the audience heard about the ground-breaking paths taken by some of Australia’s most distinguished disrupters:

  • Vinomofo Co-founder and CEO Andre Eikmeier
  • Joust Co-founder Mark Bevan
  • Blue Sky Venture Capital Investment Director Elaine Stead
  • Uber General Manager Australia and New Zealand, David Rohrsheim

If you weren’t fortunate enough to be in the audience, InDaily has established a YouTube channel for the event where you can watch all the speakers.

Uber Goes to War in Australia

What are disrupters?  They are people and technologies that create new processes to redefine industries for the better, completely upending the status quo.  This disruption is not always welcome, as David Rohrsheim knows all too well.  He fought US lawmakers over the establishment of Uber and is now at odds with the State Government in Adelaide as Uber begins to roll into Australia.

Rohrsheim says his business growth has been stymied by onerous start-up costs in South Australia.  He blames an aversion by the State Government to supporting innovation and says he is likely to continue to defy authorities.

Entrepreneurs don’t need permission from the government to go and do their thing,”David Rohrsheim remarks at Disrupters 2016

Are You Throwing Darts at a Dartboard?

Resumes and skills tests have been the gold standard of HR tools for decades, but Dr Brokensha says reviewing resumes is like “throwing darts at a dartboard.” Despite diminishing returns with regard to quality recruitment and retention, many hiring managers remain complacent and rely on bad recruiting habits of a bygone era.

Expr3ss! predictive hiring technology is an HR disrupter.  Affordable and effective, it uses unique algorithms that go beyond a skills analysis to give hiring managers a complete, 3D picture of a candidate.

“It’s not so much whether (an applicant) can or can’t do this job, but rather who is more likely or less likely to succeed”Dr Glyn Brokensha remarks at Disrupters 2016

What’s Next?

Are you overwhelmed by job applicants, but underwhelmed by the people you interview? Are you certain that their are people for the job out there if you could only find them? If so, we invite you to join the ranks of disrupters who are finding new levels of success in recruitment and retention.  Contact Expr3ss! and discover how our predictive hiring technology simplifies recruitment and retention to save you time and money.