Seamless Integration: Why Krispy Kreme Australia Loves Expr3ss!

Posted by Carolyne Burns | November - 23 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Expr3ss! & Xref Seamless Referencing IntegrationOur team is crazy about Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, both as sweet treats and an Expr3ss! VIC (Very Important Customer). We’re pleased to know that the feeling is mutual:

“Xref and Expr3ss! are a great example of two best of breed technology providers working together to provide a seamless experience to the customer and industry” – Sally Park

If you haven’t heard the news, Xref is our new partner in staffing success. Our two companies have integrated our cloud-based platforms to provide customers with a seamless recruitment and retention process.

Expr3ss! & Xref: Perfect Together

Xref is a secure, cloud-based candidate referencing platform. Xref transforms reference checking to add strategic value to the hiring process, while saving time and money for employers and protecting them from breaches of privacy, discrimination and reference fraud.

“The partnership between Expr3ss! and Xref gives customers access to a fully integrated predictive hiring technology and candidate referencing process,” explains Expr3ss! Co-founder and Chairman Dr Glyn Brokensha.

Expr3ss! proprietary algorithms pinpoint “best fit” candidates. Paired with the Xref platform, the results are getting thumbs up from companies across Australia.

“We are excited about the Xref and Expr3ss! Partnership. It allows us to have a single view of the candidate and keeps all the data in one place, helping us make insightful staff selection decisions.” – Elissa Chami, Business Manager Recruitment, Rooty Hill RSL

“We provide a complete set of predictive hiring technology tools that pinpoint the right candidates for a business culture,” says Dr Brokensha. “Now, with Xref, we can streamline the referencing process to protect our clients against privacy and discriminatory breaches.

Technology Disruption in Human Resources

Like Expr3ss!, Xref has been identified as a “disruptor” to the human resources industry. We’re both proud of that designation. Disrupters innovate and revolutionise the business landscape, providing a win-win situation for businesses and their customers. Think of Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify. With the use of technology, these small start-ups were able to thrive in the competitive areas of transportation, lodging, and entertainment.

Expr3ss! is disrupting HR. With Expr3ss! customers can

  • Manage applicants by eliminating the need to review a mountain of CVs.
  • Evaluate candidates on their experience and qualifications, as well as their values and attitudes.
  • Identify a short-list of quality, “fit-to” applicants only, thereby cutting down on unnecessary interviews with unfit candidates.
  • Engage, liaise, and collaborate with prospective hires to find a perfect match to a role, a team, and a business.

What’s Next?

“Expr3ss! predictive hiring technology is a disruptor, a game changer, and a field-leveller,” says co-founder Carolyne Burns. “With our help, small and mid-sized companies can compete effectively for the best talent in ways that are cost-effective and extremely nimble. Expr3ss! technology is deployed and ready-to-use in just 48 hours.”

If you’d like to harness the power of Expr3ss! and Xref to improve your recruitment, referencing and retention efforts, please contact our dedicated team.