Expr3ss! Myth Busting: There Is No Talent Shortage

Posted by Carolyne Burns | November - 9 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Myth: No Talent ShortageMany employers have been brainwashed by the myth that recruitment and retention are difficult because there are no good candidates. How wrong they are. The truth is outstanding candidates are being routinely overlooked. Why? It’s the result of antiquated recruitment and staffing practices that fail to identify top prospects.

Expr3ss! developed its predictive hiring technology to help our customers quickly and cost-effectively match and pinpoint applicants with the right skills, attitudes and cultural fit. It’s web-based Australian software and a proven recruitment and retention process that works for any business.

Why Employers Miss the Golden Needles in the Talent Haystack

Traditional recruitment metrics used worldwide focus almost exclusively on a person’s experience doing a specific job. The goal was that a new hire would be able to step into a new role and hit the ground running. In Europe, however, training is often mandated. Apprenticeships and other programs are built into the infrastructure of employment to give job seekers practical work experience rather than expecting them to possess all the skills they need when hired.

The problem is that people with the aptitude to perform a task may not be a good fit for a specific corporate culture. This recruitment error can lead to disengaged employees, decreased morale, and a revolving door of costly hires-and-fires.

Have you heard the expression “Hire for attitude, train for skills”? There is a wellspring of talent out there, from millennials to baby boomers, with the drive, dedication, and commitment to succeed. They have the right attitude. They just need a little help with their skills.

The 5 Most Difficult Positions to Fill in 2015

In 2015, the Australian Financial Review published an article reporting the results of a survey on Australian employment. Survey participants identified these business sectors as presenting the five biggest recruitment challenges:

  • Skilled trades
  • Management/Executive
  • Sales Representatives
  • Engineers
  • Technicians

With data culled from more than 1,500 businesses, the researchers also learned:

  • 42% of Australian employers are struggling to fill roles despite national unemployment at 6.1 per cent.
  • 46% said talent shortages reduce their ability to serve clients.
  • 33% said talent shortage reduced their organisation’s competitiveness and productivity.
  • 23% said it lowered employee morale and engagement.

What’s Next?

“Companies that utilise predictive hiring technology can effectively solicit and evaluate candidates from a massive global talent pool,”.  “Expr3ss! software solutions and proprietary algorithms quickly weed out inappropriate candidates.” Then, it selectively identifies those candidates who have the best skills and whose attitude is in sync with the specific corporate culture. “With better candidates and fewer interviews, the recruitment and retention process instantly becomes more time- and cost-effective,”.

Are you overwhelmed by job applicants, but underwhelmed by the people you interview? Are you afraid that the right person for the job is out there, but you just can’t find him/her? If so, we invite you to contact Expr3ss! and discover how our predictive hiring technology can simplify recruitment and staff retention to save you time and money.