What Big Companies Can Learn from Small Business

Posted by Carolyne Burns | November - 2 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Big Business Learns from Small BusinessRecruitment and retention is an essential business and can, if not carefully managed, add tremendous time and financial costs to a company. This fact makes it critical for small businesses, in particular, to establish processes and protocols that control those costs.

It turns out they’re doing a great job. Small businesses work aggressively to identify prospective hires who fit the culture of the company and love coming to work every day. They build cohesive teams where owners work actively to retain their people. For example, employees at Monaco’s delicatessen in Melbourne enjoy a home cooked meal each night. The company’s goal is to try to build a family atmosphere that supports employee engagement and retention.

The bottom line is that small businesses have hiring policies geared towards culture and values. At Expr3ss!, our customised predictive hiring technology makes it easy to find will-do people with can-do skills and an attitude that is a fit-to for your business.

Small Business Recruitment Strategies

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics:

  • Small business accounts for the largest share of total employment in Australia, employing 44% of the workplace vs. big business, which accounts for a 31.7 share.
  • 7 million Australians were employed by small businesses at the end of June 2014.

How do they do it? Small businesses operate on a very different playing field than larger companies, with a more modest HR budget and resources. Yet small businesses are frequently more successful than large companies when it comes to engaging and retaining top staff. They have to be. It’s in their financial best interest.

“(Small businesses) tend to have a higher risk-return profile than larger businesses, reflected in revenue and profitability” – Reserve Bank of Australia

Regardless of their size and budget, every successful company must

  • Be crystal clear with regard to corporate purpose
  • Be laser focused on customer satisfaction
  • Break down bureaucratic log jams that stifle progress
  • Create hiring processes that reflect corporate culture to identify the best candidates

This is often easy for smaller, more nimble companies where they have few obstacles and approval layers. With the help of Expr3ss!, however, any company can master the art and science of predictive hiring technology.

Would you benefit from a new approach to recruitment? Would you like to discover how predictive hiring technology can be the software solution to your HR challenges?  If so, we invite you to contact Expr3ss! and discover how our easy to use software improves recruitment and retention results.