Millennials, Not the Only Workforce in Town

Posted by Carolyne Burns | September - 14 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Valuable Mature Worker Shares Insights With Millennial


Millennials are frequently in the spotlight when it comes to recruitment. Adjusting to what is soon to be the largest segment of workers, employers are struggling to understand the hopes and expectations of this generation.


They include:

  • Prioritising work/life balance over financial reward
  • Accelerated career progression
  • Skills improvement opportunities
  • A desire to work overseas

And, perhaps unexpectedly

  • The opportunity to work with older generations
  • Putting a high value on being mentored

(Source: PwC)

The value of older workers is clearly appreciated by employees, but employers who may not be aware of the best way to reach this rich talent pool often overlook them. It hasn’t been missed by the Department of Employment, however, which launched the Corporate Champions programme to help businesses attract and retain mature-age workers.

It hasn’t been overlooked here at Expr3ss!, either. “Our predictive hiring technology can deliver a current snapshot of a prospective candidate, but it can also look into the future to assess the long-term potential of that hire,” says our co-founder Carolyne Burns. Age isn’t part of the equation.

Expr3ss! predictive hiring software goes beyond simple skills analysis. “It goes deeper to uncover candidates with the right attitudes who will be a good fit for a unique corporate culture,” observes Carolyne.

5 Reasons Expr3ss! Loves Mature Workers

Mature workers can contribute to your company with a positive impact on your bottom line for years to come. The plusses offered by this untapped talent pool include:

  • Mature workers tend to need less training and can “hit the ground” running when hired.
  • Mature workers have confidence and expertise that can only be learned over time.
  • Mature workers are reliable and have a strong work ethic.
  • Mature workers are loyal are likely to be more enthusiastic about the workplace.
  • Mature workers are half as likely to miss work for illness than younger workers.

What Comes Next?

The global economy and other factors have thrust Millennials and Baby Boomers into the workplace together. Whatever their differences may be, it appears that all generational employees want the same thing:

“Our capacity to attract, retain and manage executive talent does not depend on the compensation package, but rather on our ability to create a sense of belonging to an organisation that offers a long-term relationship and a professional development opportunity, and that has a clear conception of itself, of what it wants to be, and of how to achieve it.” – Armando Garza Sada, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alfa SAB de CV, Mexico

Expr3ss! Facts of Life

It’s a fact: the long-term success of any business depends on how effectively it can tap into a global pool of talent, knowledge and skills. Organisations with age-friendly recruitment practices – a process that Expr3ss!’ predictive hiring technology makes easier – are able to widen their net to ensure they attract, catch and retain the best person for the job.

If you would like to know more about how Expr3ss! helps businesses like yours automate and improve your recruitment processes, we’re eager to talk! Please contact us.

P.S. Did we mention that organisations using the proven Expr3ss! algorithm typically realise a four-fold or greater ROI?