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Posted by Carolyne Burns | June - 15 - 2016 | 0 Comment

Xero In Expr3ss!We’re big fans of business podcasts here at Expr3ss! They’re free, convenient, and educational. Best of all, podcasts let us listen while we work, multi-tasking in the best of all possible ways.

We’re pleased to report that podcasts love Expr3ss!, too. Recently, our founder and Chairman Dr Glyn Brokensha was interviewed by Jeanne Vida Douglas and Rob Stone for the business-centric podcast Xero In.  The topic: Secrets to building a great team.

Why did Xero choose Glyn? Glyn has more than thirty years’ experience with people and behaviour. He really understands business culture and psychology and how software and technology can make it easier for companies to find the best people to employ.

In this article, we’re highlighting one of the most interesting of the key points Glyn made. If it piques your interest – and we bet it will! – you can listen to the episode in its entirety at Xero.

Stop Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The recruitment process has become a gargantuan problem for many businesses. They’re inundated with hundreds of applications from job aggregators that make it easy for job seekers to throw their name in the ring. Selecting qualified applicants to interview can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Glyn cautions business owners against a common mistake in hiring: trying to find your “one true love hiding in the hordes of Mordor.” Why? Because job seekers have become extremely savvy in the way they present themselves. They tell employers what they want to hear, which may, or may not be the truth. In fact 74% of resumes are misleading and 40% of them frankly contain lies.

Instead of looking for the perfect applicant, Glyn recommends “turning the whole recruitment thing on its head” and first identifying applicants who are flatly unqualified. This simple but rarely used approach to culling applicants at the onset can significantly reduce the grunt work and cut overall workload for HR.

Best of all, the actual culling process can be handled by technology, using specifically designed software programs.

“I developed in my (medical) practice a way of assessing people to help them in a psychotherapeutic sense and my partner in business, Carolyne Burns co-founder of Expr3ss!, said this will work for recruitment.” – Dr Glyn Brokensha

Would you like to improve your recruitment processes so you can find employees that will be a long-term asset to your business team? If so, we invite you to contact Expr3ss! for practical ideas that you can put to work.