Another Expr3ss! Success: Partnership with HROnboard

Posted by Carolyne Burns | April - 22 - 2016 | 0 Comment

shutterstock_257695867We are proud of the many attributes that distinguish Expr3ss! as a leading provider of software that solves staff selection. Our ability to match candidates to positions based on cultural fit in the recruitment process is one reason that HROnboard has joined us in a partnership.

“We’re focussed on employee onboarding & offboarding exclusively,” explains Peter Forbes CEO and Founder of HROnboard. “Partnering with an awesome recruitment provider such as Expr3ss! enables us to provide our customers uninterrupted support from candidate selection right through to the new hire’s first day.”

The collaboration with HROnboard puts the time saving and cost savings of HROnboard right into Expr3ss! and vice-versa. Together we’re making it easier for businesses to find the right candidates with Expr3ss! and integrate new hires seamlessly with HROnboard.

When to Engage New Employees

Do you know HROnboard? Their mission is to free their HR clients from tedious paperwork and help them engage their new employees before day 1. Their weapon is cloud-based employee on-boarding software that gives new hires a great welcome and introduction to company culture.

“More and more we’re seeing organisations adopting best-of-breed, pure play HR solutions so they can give their employees the best experience.”

Peter Forbes Founder and CEO HROnboard

HROnboard helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process efficiently and effectively. A key area of concern for their customers is the creation and maintenance of a good employer brand. Demonstrating that brand to new employees is often one of the reasons why they adopt HROnboard.

Business Savings with Expr3ss! and HROnboard

The adage “time is money” is especially true in staffing. The collaboration between Expr3ss! and HROnboard consistently helps businesses save that most precious commodity.

The power of our new partnership with HROnboard can be seen in comments from customers:

 “The 8 days that we’ve saved – with 8 people sitting in a room – that’s 64 days of effort that we’ve saved. It would be over and above the investment that we’ve made. We’ve already made our money back.” 

Christo Visser – Specialist, HRIS, Remuneration and Benefits, Roy Hill.

“We have a faster response time with candidates, and no paper is involved. We’ve also had a lot of positive feedback after using HROnboard to bring on almost 100 employees in the first month of adopting the new system.”

Sally Harrison, Group HR Manager, Tatts Group.

Expr3ss! Perspective: Great Partnerships Start with Fun & Excitement

We’re all business at Expr3ss!, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for a little fun now and then. When the terms of our collaboration were finalised, our team sent the good folks at HROnboard a special Space Invaders machine to celebrate our plans to invade the competitive space together.

“Our guys are already racking up high scores on our own table in anticipation of a bit of friendly competition with the HROnboard team,”

Carolyne Burns, Founder and Managing Director of Expr3ss!

Do you have time to spare? Of course not! Contact us today to learn more about how Expr3ss! and HROnboard can streamline your processes and your profits.