The end of resumes at Ernst & Young

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha | September - 7 - 2015 | 0 Comment

tempIn yet another blow to outmoded, dare one say 19th Century, recruitment practices, giant accounting firm Ernst & Young has abandoned resumes in its graduate recruitment process.

In a research finding that should come as absolutely no surprise to readers of this blog, Ernst & Young discovered there was…

“…no evidence to show previous success in higher education translated to success at the firm.”

The new Daily – Will this move mean the end of resumes?

More than two years ago, using Expr3ss! Beaumont Tiles proved the same result for themselves…

Employer sees “massive” staff turnover reduction after eliminating early resume checks

The evidence has been staring us all in the face for years, if not for decades.  Google proved it again proving that resume-reading contributed zero to accuracy in a study of 10,000 of their hires.

So why is it that resume-reading is so perniciously persistent?  Why do people do what has been proven again and again not to work?

“… our rational mind seems to persist in the irrational belief that reason is the most influential of our faculties in spite of overwhelming rational evidence to the contrary.”

[Brokensha, G Aust Prescr 1998;21:92-4]

And the proof? …  from the same article, “just try falling in or out of love on purpose”!

Relegating the resume to its proper place [ see: candidate ad copy ] cuts hiring errors.  And, even better, it accomplishes something very much more positive too.   Ernst & Young again…

“The changes we have made to our recruitment process will help us to access the widest and deepest possible talent pools,”

Dan Richards, EY’s recruitment leader in the UK.

Here at Expr3ss! we call this discovering the “looks wrong… is right” people… people who are so often disadvantaged and overlooked by organisations still stuck in the 19th Century.

More objective and inclusive hiring methodologies make winners of us all.  Vale resume!

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