Five New Psychometric Tests

Posted by Dr Glyn Brokensha | March - 2 - 2015 | 0 Comment

psychometrics at work

Yes, after a successful trial, we’re adding five new psychometric tests to our stable!

You’ll already know that the Expr3ss! Checklist is a proven predictor of on-the-job performance, significantly cutting staff turnover in documented case studies.

Now through a new and exciting partnership with respected International HR Solutions and Consulting company Davidson, we are happy and thrilled to announce the upcoming availability of five new psychometric tests.

Davidson’s are the exclusive distributors of the Talegent range of psychometric tests.  And we have integrated them right into your Expr3ss! applicant pages.

We’ve run a pilot with one customer.  They send an email to one or more applicants each having a unique link so they can complete the test.

Safety AssessmentAs soon as the test has been completed by the applicant, the result is displayed in View Applicants and Search Applicants.  A simple colour-coded icon tells them the report is ready and telegraphs the overall result.  A hover over the icon shows more and a click takes them to the full report on the Talegent website.

So now we’re ready to make this impressive suite of tests available to our customers via the Expr3ss! platform.

We’ll soon enable the integrated use of the PATH series of tests…

  • PATH Cognitive Tests
    • Verbal
    • Numerical
    • Logical
  • PATH Personality

As well as the comprehensive SAFETY Behaviours Assessment (mini-result illustrated).

All these tests are very attractively priced with billing integrated directly into your Expr3ss! service account and will be available on-demand.  Simply tick your Applicants and send out the request emails in the usual Expr3ss! way.  The results will appear automagically in your Applicants’ Expr3ss! records as they complete.

We hope to provide some free tests for you to cut your teeth on in the first instance.  If you’re interested in some free tests, please be in touch so we can help.

Thanks for dropping by.