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2UE 2UE Interview

2UE’s John Stanley interviewed Dr Glyn Brokensha on his “Your Business Day”  programme this week.

John was intrigued to understand how the unique methodology developed by Expr3ss! works and what makes it deliver such great results for its customers.

Listen to the interview here

In case you’re not a regular listener, John’s programme goes to air at 11:30am every day and is podcasted from the 2UE website in case that timeslot doesn’t work for you.  Why not tune in and check it out?


VCrawNewsNews.com.au again

And only last week Expr3ss! featured in another News.com.au article “Australian companies use algorithms to recruit staff” by Victoria Craw.

It was interesting that the recruiters interviewed for comment could not escape their fixation with resumes.  So they all assumed that Expr3ss! is searching resumes for keywords, despite the very solid research that this is almost useless.  With the generally accepted figure of 10% of resumes being false and a further 30% misleading, it’s no surprise that Google found in a review of 10,000 hires that reading resumes (and conducting interviews) contributed exactly nothing to hiring success

Even the recruiters quoted in the news.com.au article confirm the fatal flaws in resume searching  in their own words..

” …will miss people out who might not have put in details with the words that are absolutely required for that search.”

“… miss out people who have made formatted their CV in an unusual way or chosen words not included in the job description.”

“…applicant tracking systems [ATS] don’t pick up images and graphics as they aren’t searchable inside the database. Within the text of your resume, don’t use any special characters or fonts.  Avoid headers and footers, too, as these can be incompatible with most ATS”

Of course, our customers’ success with Expr3ss! does not rely upon resume-searching, which is why it works.

And did you know that our own hiring is a “resume-free-zone”?   We’ll happily show you how we do it.

Read Victoria’s original news.com.au article here

And the BRW article  about us “Unique Expr3ss! Methodology featured in BRW Online” has much more about how reading resumes is largely wasted time.

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